Center yourself for a moment in the silence,
breathing in and breathing out the divine presence,
in which we live and move and have our being.
And allow yourself to turn on and tap into a prayerful state of being One with all of the Goodness and Greatness that God Is.

When we are really centered in Oneness, we realize that we do not have to pray for God to make an appearance.
We do not have to hope that we will be given Wholeness and Health and Realization of our Greatest Good.
We do not have to long for Prosperity and Riches and Divine Ideas.
We do not even have to worry about the right relationships and loved ones.
We only have to realize that God is here.
Spirit is here.
Love is here.
Perfect health and wholeness is here.
Infinite and inexhaustible source is here.
It is as the Apostle Paul said,
the Divine Source that
we live and move and have our being in.

Feel the love of the Oneness of Spirit engulf you and uplift you
and vibrate within every cell of your being.
Know that the power of your potential and your talents and your gifts
radiate out from you to attract the right person
and the right circumstances
and the right channels for you to be blessed
with good that is greater than you could ever imagine.

If there is health and wholeness that you want,
it is embracing you right now.
If there are divine opportunities that you want,
they are knocking at your door right now.
If there is hope that you need,
it is giving way to deeper understanding right now.
As Jesus said, don’t worry about what you will eat,
and what you will drink,
and what you will wear.
The Father-Mother-Everything-Almighty Love that
is never separate from you already knows what
you have need of — before you even ask.
Yes, we have judged by appearances.
We have sat by the pool of Bethesda,
and even when the water was stirred,
we refused to get in.
We have been afraid to walk the water
even when we held Spirit’s hand as our own.

We have asked — not believing.
We have sought — not to find, and
we have knocked — seriously doubting that the door would be opened.
But today, in this season of your birth, we will turn a new leaf.

We will open our hearts to the Kingdom of God is within us.
We will do the things that we never believed possible.
We will be restored the years that the locust has eaten.
We will trust that our Father and our Mother God
will fill us with the awesome power of new dimensions,
bless us with the miraculous promise of new heights, and
anoint us with the holy salvation of greatness.

We will open our hearts to receive the perfect health, wisdom and truth,
of all that Love is.
We will learn to walk on the water of Faith,
and ride the wings of Spirit’s might.
We will reach more and more and more of our goals,
and know the hallelujah of an answered prayer — again,
and again,
and again.

We will wear our blessings well
because we already flow with the unlimited
power of the universe —
manifesting it’s good in all shape and form.
We will wear the transformation of a new freedom
— to really express our being as the children of the most High
and the prophets of a New Age.

We will sing songs of gratitude without end,
and worship because we are worthy.

We will thank the earth for its strength, the universe for its ideas, the vortex for its vision,
and the love that radiates as life —
for teaching us that there is nothing that we cannot do,
nothing that we cannot imagine,
nothing that we cannot be with the power of God.
We will ride the storm.
We will weather the tide.
We will prevail against the mighty waves.

We will be reborn in the glory of strength, wisdom, and success.
We will thank Jesus for teaching us that we are gods.
We will really remember that the Holy Spirit is in us,
and so is the Father,
and so is He.

We are the joyful season of promise —
ageless in our task and unlimited in our mission.
We are the seeds of pure possibility —
rising through lack to claim our abundance.
We are the hope of change —
full of God’s good health,
Spirit’s unlimited movement,
and Love’s infinite strength.

We are the new joy of a day.

And so it is, and so be it.





All of the materials in SPIRITMUV ® messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving.

Register for the God is a Brown Retreat next April 1-3, 2011, at the Mariandale Retreat Center by going to http://www.godisabrowngirltoo.com.  You don’t want to miss it!

Rev. Cecilia Loving is the Spiritual Leader of Spiritmuv, which holds its services at the Unity Center of NYC, from 2:30 to 3:30 PM, located at 213 W. 58th Street.

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