If times appear difficult and you experience one struggle after the next, it is only because the time for your transformation is here. The days may appear bleak but your challenges are your blessings. Spirit is always here to pull you through the rough times —  to encourage you to surrender to  its limitless supply and inexhaustible source.

There is no need to wait for a “9/11” or for some catastrophic event to take place in order for you to know that God has your back. You don’t need to wait to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the hereafter.  Jesus teaches you that it is here and now.   Heaven  is a consciousness that is always available to you.

The word “heaven” used in the Bible means expanding. Your dreams, your goals, your commitment to doing what Spirit has called you to do is part of your expansion. Heaven is always expanding to embrace you.  You expand by releasing lack, frustration and despair and believing instead in the omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of Spirit in you.

You lost your job? So what. You lost that opportunity you had staked your hope in? So what.  God is trying to make you realize that there is something better in store. God is trying to make you aim higher than before.  You can wear the biggest hat, hold the most prestigious position, and kneel in a temple made of pure gold, but it means nothing if you don’t recognize the Kingdom within.

The time to move away from appearances is now. The time to move away from confusion is now. The time to move forward as a full expression of Spirit is now.

Take the road that makes a difference by looking at yourself in the mirror and telling you how much you love you just the way you are.

If you don’t love yourself, then no matter what road you take, you will be lost. There is so much in you that wants to be and needs to be loved. But part of loving who you are is being honest about what you need to do to be your best.

Ask yourself: How can I feel even better about myself? How can I slowly begin to take the steps that make me appreciate who I am? How can I slow down long enough to connect with the Divine Source that will lead me in the right direction? How can I enjoy each aspect of living and moving and being as part of the seamless energy that makes me uniquely me? How can I be about my business — without worrying about what anyone else thinks? How can I trust the love leading me — from my own heart?

When you begin to see the truth for yourself — that you hold the map to the best path and you can follow your own faith to the Kingdom of Heaven — you will find that place where all of the power, all of the peace, all of the joy that you need is already expanding. Trust me, and allow heaven to expand in you. There is no need to wait for a new season, the time is now.

Copyrighted 2011 by Reverend Cecilia Loving
All rights reserved.

[from the new God is a Brown Girl Too book, which can be ordered at http://www.godisabrowngirltoo.webs.com.]

Join us every Sunday at SPIRITMUV, 213 West 58th Street, NYC, between 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM and lift up the divine in you.

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