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 DANCE 13she wishes she could tell you the beginning so that you would realize the end
is the glory of a song
and a dance
with heart and meaning,

the poetry of creation
always leading back to itself.



Eric Butterworth was one of the great mystics of your time.  He taught many Brown Girls and left many books and tapes as a lasting legacy.  Before he made his transition, he was in a wheelchair.  His voice had become so weak that those around him hung on to his every word.  One of the last things that he said at a retreat in upstate New York was “I have no theology, I dance.”

“I have no theology, I dance”  means that you DANCE 5move with the Holy Spirit,  move with the wisdom that there is no separation between all that you are and all that I am.  You flow, you live, you laugh, you sing, you dance with a new understanding that you are unlimited in the Spirit, regardless of the appearances of the flesh.  You are Spirit in movement.

DANCE 2You are not a religion, you are divine truth. You are constantly re-defining yourself because there is no limit to Spirit.  In John 14:12, Jesus said, he who believes in me will do the works that I do also; and greater works than these will he do.  When you dance in the Spirit, you realize that if things are not going the way that you want them to go; if you are not satisfied with the direction your life has taken; if you don’t like the experiences that manifest in your life – you have the power to change them.

DANCE 7When you dance in the Spirit, you know that if patterns of negativity keep showing up in your life – such as disharmony, loneliness, pain, physical discomfort, financial insecurity, lack, worry, doubt – you can change them. You can wake up from your self-limiting thought and you can experience the ceaseless flow of good – and turn your life around.  You can dance.

DANCE 8When you dance in the Spirit, you shake the dust off your feet.  You bless the people who are not in accord with your greatest good, who do not support you and do Spirit calls you to do.  You dance in the joy of infinite possibility.  You dance in the hope that you can create, grow, plant, deliver, empower, ignite, vote, rap, sing, write, dig, teach, sell, envision, tap, rescue, develop, uncover, realize something in your life that will heal the world of hatred, of doubt, of lack, of limitation.

DANCE 11The Psalmist says in the 8th Psalm, the 6th Verse, you have given him power over the works of your hands; you have put all things under his feet. You dance.  No matter how unimportant, how trivial, how average, how unattractive, how old, how overweight, how unnecessary, how disabled you may seem to you, the dance that you do could not be done in quite the same way – without you doing it.  You dance in the realization that you are my unique melody sung once – only once as you – one melody of Spirit singing itself into the continuum; and the music of the spheres would not be complete without your voice.

DANCE 12 You dance in the truth that Spirit moves through you. You have something wonderful to offer life, which can only be created as you.  When King David brought the Ark of the Covenant to the City of David, which to the Israelites was the ark where God was kept, David danced before the Lord with all his might.  This mighty king made up his mind right then that he would tap dance, break dance, cabbage patch – clap his hands and stomp his feet – that he would gladly be a dancing fool – not just for a wooden Ark but for the Spirit that dwelt within him.

DANCE 6Throw away your crutches – whatever shape they may take.  Get up from beside your pools of Bethesda.  Touch the hem of my beloved Jesus’ garment.  Rise up like Lazarus.  Run the race and don’t get weary.  Renew your course with a new strength, a new power and a new victory.  There really is nothing, absolutely nothing that can hold you back.  So press forward not just to win the prize but to dance – all the way to the finished line.


This is an excerpt from the book God is a Brown Girl Too, which can be purchased on amazon.com.  It is a book where God speaks to us from the kingdom within, which is and always will be uniquely us.  Read and imagine God speaking to you, in the image and likeness of all that you are.


AUM for Constant Contact

Next Saturday, July 19, God is a Brown Girl Too will enjoy a virtual retreat via the phone, at 8:00 to 9:00 A.M.  Just dial 567-314-3648; use pass code 48201.

Here is the excerpt from the God is a Brown Girl Too book that we will be discussing, which can be purchased from Amazon and  Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold.


Re-Discover Your True Self

When you know that I am you,
and you are me –
you will begin to realize who God is.


Do you remember who I am?  I am the Absolute Good that breathed you into being. I am the Divine Mind that gave you consciousness. I am the Endless Source that formed your soul.  I am the Inexhaustible Supply that continues to feed you out of the eternal cosmos of the universe. Nothing came before me.  I AM that I AM.  I am the Creator here to remind you that my image and likeness is reflected as you.  Creation is not something that happened and then stopped.  Creation is something I did, and am still doing.  Wherever there is creativity, there I am.


In order to know me in the Spirit, you will have to transcend the box of tradition in which you are locked. You will have to remove those strait-laced handcuffs of dependence, fear and shame. You will have to be bold enough to leave doctrine and diplomacy to embrace your own power.  If you want to reclaim your life, acknowledging me – the Divine within – is not an option; it is a necessity.  Men have so dominated your religion that most of you believe that I am an old white man.


Perhaps if you close your eyes and center your thoughts in a past that transcends the world as you know it, you can remember a creation that is older than European biblical tradition.  Try to remember a beginning where ancient Africa was the Motherland of creation.  Meditate on what Moses told the Israelites.  He said “you forgot the God who gave you birth” (Deut. 32:18 NIV), or recall that Isaiah said God carried you since your birth (Isaiah 46:3).  Imagine me from Hosea’s perspective, who said that I taught you to walk, that I healed you, that I lifted you like a child to my cheek and bent down to feed you (Hosea 11:3-4).

God is a Brown Girl Too Quilting Workshop Two

I cannot be limited to words, but you may prefer to call me Spirit.  Like “Love,” Spirit is a term that you can use interchangeably with “God.”  The elusive sound of Spirit will help you stop picturing a person with a long white beard.  Picture me as you growing in all directions at once instead of a person with a long white beard. I am greater than you can imagine, comprised of everything that is.  I am that point at which you find yourself.  I am far greater than any pre-conceived notion of human sexuality or gender. If this is confusing, call me whatever you like.  Call me “science” or “chance” or “coincidence” or “miracle.”  I am everything that is.


Throughout time, the bodies of women have carried and delivered my souls, those fragments of me from now to eternity. I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.  These are my mountains and my valleys and my trees.  This is my thunder and my rain and my river.  You are all that I am. You cannot be limited, or minimized, or marginalized or demonized.  You are my seed of life.  Come and reclaim your rightful place as equal heirs to my throne.

God is a Brown Girl Too 2010 Malesha's Dance

True liberation of the oppressed, the imprisoned, the disenfranchised, the denigrated and the despised will only evolve as each individual evolves.  It is up to each one of you to realize that you are more than your flesh, and to re-discover yourself as God.  I am your liberation, your freedom through Spirit, and your connection to unconditional love.  It is up to you to allow my light to glow in all of its magnificence as you.  My beloved Jesus said “Í am the Light of the world” – but also that you are the light of the world.  Let your light shine.

I AM beauty

Through you, I teach, nurse, build, draw, sell, purchase, divine, uplift, heal, nanny, negotiate, arbitrate, lawyer, doctor, sweep, mop, clean, cook, pray, baptize, massage, water, write, dance, model, sing, invent, farm, design, birth, pastor and encourage – not  only the hearts of the privileged few but of the entire world.  I fight for freedom.  I abolish apartheid, genocide, lynch mobs, gas ovens, prostitution, slavery.  I lead protests, I die for justice and equality. I go to jail in order stand up for what I believe is right. I refuse to give up my seat.  But I have not stopped killing and maiming and abusing and destroying because you have not.  You have forgotten your true self worth.  You have given up your power.  You have yet to realize that you are my co-creator.  You choose.  You decide.  You deliver.  I can only do for you what I can do through you.

I am a Woman of High Faith

I send manna constantly, but you refuse to pick it up, or you still attempt to store it for yourselves.  No matter how much you horde, you cannot be nurtured by it until you stop being afraid and be in my moment.  You don’t need to be greedy, or jealous, or spiteful – especially of one another.  Imagine how foolish that looks to me, knowing that you have all that you need.  I am your way out of no way, your Jesus on the main line, your calm in the storm, your gangster, your hook-up, your constant supply.  Stop judging by mere appearances.  Remember that you really are God.

Move From the Love You Know

Step Into Your Greatness

When you stand on the edge of pure possibility,
you can use your prayer as the impetus to fly.


It is important for everyone to study and know the truth – especially you.  Disregard those who believe that you have no right to God – for they want you to believe that you have no right to yourself.  No woman or girl should be oppressed because of those who misinterpret the truth to mean that God is male and therefore, only men are God.  I am inextricably part of each one of you in the same way that a breath is part of the wind.  You, too, are the energy of life.  There is no separation between all that I am and all that you are.  Paul was right when he said that you live, move and have your being in God.  You are my offspring  (Acts 17:28).

Pam and Lia Beautiful movement

All of you who see me in Jesus should be aware that Jesus acknowledged me in you when he said  “I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” (John 14:20).  Jesus said that the “kingdom of God is within you”  (Luke 17:21).  Jesus not only said I and the Father are One, he also said, “you are gods” (John 10:34).  This is called oneness.  This means that there is no separation between you and Spirit.  This means that your greatness is you waiting for you to express the Absolute Good that you are.


Feel me at the bottom of your feet.  I am stepping through divine vibrations that I am sending from the tip of your toes up your muscles and bones –through your veins and glands – to the top of your head.  I am always in your midst as your teacher, your companion and your guide.  I always direct you, move you, lead you, speak to you, create through you, act through you, dance through you, and sing through you. I am always there, always here, always now.


I sing“Jesus loves me this I know” because it is Jesus whose teachings have taught many to step into their greatness. Jesus is the perfect manifestation of Spirit in creation.  Jesus is the divine idea of God fully expressed as humanity. There is nothing like the blood of Jesus.  But focus less on his crucifixion and more on his resurrection. Jesus has never stopped reminding Brown Girls everywhere that you will do “even greater things” than him (John 14:12).  Eat those words with as much joy as you would a trip to Red Lobster, and let them slither off your tongue like those hot cheese biscuits.


Christ is not a person.  Christ is the salvation, the stature that Jesus attained to show you that God dwells in all humanity.  Paul said “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27), teaching you that Spirit is your birthright.


I sing, “Jesus on the main line, tell ’em what you want.” But Jesus does not merely teach you to ask for what you want.  He commands that you do so – commands that you be in the right consciousness to receive it. Jesus is teaching you to step into the kingdom of God that is within you, and know that all else – every single detail of my good will be added to you (Matt. 6:31-33).

God is a Brown Girl Too 2010 Bonding in Faith