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thich-nhat-hahnIn his book Fidelity, Thich Nhat Hanh says “[i]n true love, you don’t exclude anyone. . . . Loving one person is an opportunity to love everyone.  The deepest gift mindfulness can bring is the wisdom of nondiscrimination.”  

Nondiscrimination liberates us to uplift the well-being of the entire world.  

There are many different religions, but the majority agree on one love8thing — we must love one another.

BUDDHISTS SAY: “Never is this world appeased by hatred; it is only appeased by love – this is an eternal law.”

JEWS SAY: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

MUSLIMS SAY: No one is a believer until he loves for his neighbor, and for his brother, what he loves for himself.

b-11TAOISTS SAY: No one is a believer until he loves for his neighbor, and for his brother, what he loves for himself.

HINDUS SAY:  A man obtains a proper rule of action by looking on his neighbor as himself.

When we have faith as lovers of the universe, and as those loved by god-is-a-brown-girl-too-2010-loving-each-other-onethe universe and used by the universe to be loving, it does not matter what we call God.  Nor does it matter who we love or who we help because we realize that we are One.

Love is so inclusive that the question we must ask in meeting everyone is what can I give them to contribute to their well-being?  True love realizes that our gifts are not merely of the flesh but of the Spirit.

onenessThe true gift for Christmas does not come in wrapping paper.  We keep seeking from merchants what we can only find in ourselves, and that is the Spirit of a love that blesses without condition.

In John 4:18, our friend Jesus says “There is no fear in love.”

The joy of our existence demands that we leave the status quo of love3traditions that no longer serve us, that we abandon the contradictions of a world that excludes due to politics and positions that are personal and embrace a new world that is unlimited in a love that uplifts the unique contributions of everyone.

move-4On February 2, 2006, Anita Moorjani experienced death after cancer devoured her body over four years, and she found herself in a state of pure joy and jubilation – without fear, anxiety, helplessness or despair.  She describes this beautiful feeling of death as a complete healing – where she was encompassed by pure, unconditional love, and energy that healed her completely. What she experienced is the love that embraces each and everyone of us.  Paul said that we live, move and have our being in love.

Deepak Chopra says that “[t]he direct experience of Spirit itself christ4being pure love is the same knowledge that a baby begins with, in a voice that we have long forgotten, which says I am love. In the Spirit, we are unbounded by time and space, untouched by experience.”  This baby is the pure energy of Christ born in us.
This season gives us the opportunity to remember the unconditional love that is always part of us: a love that allows us to to risk our lives to help others, to rescue, to save, to support, to nurture, to teach, to give to them.

box-2This is the season not merely to give a wrapped gift or a store-bought card but to begin the practice of looking all all whom we meet and say I love you, realizing that in that love, we find ourselves because every real love story is a story about oneness.

I am inclusive — not because I accept you expressing as me but inclusion10because I accept you expressing as you; not because you are willing to conform for me but because I am willing to accept you by respecting, accepting and even honoring your differences.

The sacred text can be written in one word: love.
In love there is only one religion and one political landscape: caring about one another.  In the space of divine love, we can look deeply into everyone’s eyes, into everyone’s heart and see whoever we call God.


This is the season where we tend to lose sight of the big picture.  After all, it’s too cold.  Nerves are jittery.  Santa has a list, and none of us are perfect.  The gifts that just have to be purchased stretch our budgets so far we fear they may snap.  We are dazzled by all of the holiday lights and carols but dread disassembling a tree that took hours to display.  Family celebrations sound so wonderful in principle, but we are quickly reminded that these are the people who completely disregard our boundaries and callously criticize our flaws.  We are easy prey to gingerbread, sugar cookie and red velvet temptations that wreck havoc on our diets.  And if that wasn’t enough, we sniffle right into the hands of some fastidious airport security cautious enough to confiscate our Henri Bendel snow globes.  By then, our stylish new UGGs have wandered so far off the track that we’ve forgotten that this season is not about shopping at all; it’s about the Spirit.

Where were we anyway?  Scrolling through the Tiffany’s catalogue?  Smelling freshly cut pine trees on Smith Street?  Adding to our iPod Christmas collection?  Well, we should have been on the trek from Galilee to Jerusalem, nine months pregnant on the back of a donkey, ready to burst over the rough terrain and through the arid desert.  There, we could hear people talking about us behind our backs — condemning us in the most insidious ways.  Even though they could have helped a pregnant woman carry water from the well, they didn’t.  But our Souls pulled us beyond the trajectory of appearances and made us steadfast in the power of faith to do what God called us to do.  It just wasn’t always easy.

But we could always hold onto what the angel said: “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.”  Mary, the mother of Jesus, represents the Soul metaphysically.  The soul is that part of us that is the driving energy and force behind all that we do. The Soul is so connected to Spirit that it knows what we cannot fathom in the flesh, what we cannot reason in the intellect, what we cannot imagine with the mind.  The Soul knows the big picture.

We are always on a journey with the Soul.   It is not inside of us, we are inside of it.  The Soul knows our destination.  It does not allow us to run away from what we are meant to do.  The Soul is that part of us that leads us and reveals to us and guides us through our dreams and our hunches and our intuition.  Jonah in the Bible is a testament that if we don’t follow our Soul’s purpose we will end up in strange predicaments, deep in the belly of stagnation.

The Soul will interrupt our daily routine, push us outside of our comfort zones, end our misdirected relationships, find us a new job, plant a seed in us of a powerful new adventure, guide us to the good that is right in front of our faces, lead us on the path of righteousness, force us to be better than ourselves.

It is the Soul — Mary — who teaches us to expect the unexpected, push past the unlimited, dance beyond the undefined, believe the unbelievable, imagine the unimaginable, demonstrate the impossible.

Through the Soul, we are always pregnant with the infinite possibilities of Spirit.   Through the Soul, we are always on the path of giving birth to God’s divine ideas.   Through the Soul, we are always giving shape to our divine inheritance.   Through the Soul, we can always tap the infinite source of God.

 Through the Soul, we can endure the roughest side of the mountain, map our journey from the evidence of things unseen and know that each adventure brings peace.  When we are in alignment with the Soul, we believe in a power greater than the flesh, a power greater than what any imagination can conceive, a power that is knocking at our door to remind us that there is nothing to fear because we have found favor with God.

Despite all of the hustle and bustle, this is the time to go within, and sing Mary’s song.  My Soul, she sings, my Soul magnifies the Lord.  And my spirit  rejoices in God my Savior.  For God has lifted my lowly state into the consciousness of a believer.  God has planted in me the Consciousness of Christ — and by finding peace in my faith — all generations will be blessed.

My Soul moves me beyond fear, pushes me pass doubt and guides me with renewed commitment.  My Soul comforts me with peace, lifts me in love and blesses me with joy.  My Soul pulls me past pain, delivers me with discernment and anoints me with favor.  Because I am, I know that God is.  Because my Soul does magnify the lord, I will not merely stay the course but I will rejoice with newfound peace that God is using me — and that is all that matters.


Reverend Cecilia Loving

About SPIRITMUV:  Spiritmuv® is a trans-denominational church, which means that it transcends the confines of religion and teaches unconditional love for one another regardless of race, creed, culture, or religion.   At the heart of its teachings is what Jesus taught — that we love one another, as well as the community that Mahatma Gandhi inspired when he said, “I am a Christian and a Muslim and a Hindu and a Jew.”  Reverend Cecilia Loving is the founder and creator of Spiritmuv, which was formed in 2007.  Services are held for an hour every Sunday, from 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. at the Unity Center of NYC, located at 213 West 58th Street.

Rev. Loving, author of Prayers for Those Standing in the Edge of Greatness, is the sole owner, creator and administrator of God is a Brown Girl Too®, which holds annual retreats and workshops.  The next God is a Brown Girl Too Retreat will be held April 1-3, 2011, at the Mariandale Retreat and Conference Center.

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will take place in the Spring of 2011
from April 1 at 5:00 P.M. through April 3 at 1:00 P.M. 

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 The cost of the entire weekend, including rooms, workshops and three delicious meals per day, is only $450.00.  There is a $100 discount for senior citizens, so seniors pay $350.00. 

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