We arrive in this space in so many different guises, based on so many different experiences, throughout so many different phases of growth, immersed in so many different truths, tribes, testimonies, and tongues that we forget that just as much as we are different, we are the same.

We are born. We covet. We doubt. We sin. We fall. We fear. We wander. We desire. We complain. We regress.  We bless. We imagine. We love. We die. As time evolves, we realize that we are much more than the breath of creation.  Each one of us is a gift.

We yearn to see the universe’s face.  We hope it is different than our own.  But we see shapes, forms and different expressions of our own imperfections staring back at us. At some point, if we are fortunate, we know that we are not just here for ourselves.

The ultimate demonstration of our existence transcends material things or self-centered adoration.  Our accomplishments are merely guideposts, benchmarks to show us the ultimate gift: we are here to give, and by so giving−to serve, and by so serving−to be our best.

There are books but no manuals of how to properly perform the operation of inclusion, how to locate the seat of the problem, extinguish it, coordinate departure, and return for debriefing in a successful operation.  The challenges that we face to be more inclusive will not change overnight, nor can they be surmised in literature or study. Instead, we must bring all of ourselves – not based on the mere accomplishment of initiatives but also on the fundamental commitment to lead and exemplify for all the need to accept, respect and embrace the value of others.  This field will only be enhanced by the insight that each leader brings from their unique background, which provides them with the ability to envision, create and restore the unlimited arsenal that we need to honor our differences and celebrate the powerful gifts that each and every one of us brings to the table.

Our gifts are so precious and yet so tenuous they slide from our fingertips in a breath’s notice. We thought we were here for a neatly categorized occupation or the job we sought after college or what generations of family members did until we finally realize deep in our souls that we are here to serve a greater purpose.

Our callings have nothing to do with profession, paycheck or retirement.  Our various roles, which include but are in no way limited to glass maker, sanitation worker, electrician, carpenter,  plumber,  teacher, lawyer, clergy, fire prevention, engineer, architect, firefighter, emergency medical technician,  paramedic, nurse, doctor, soldier or caretaker, police officer, judge, or president is one of the many ways we clothe our soul’s true calling to be present for others.

No matter how much more we want, we eventually open our eyes and see that there is power in every single manner that each one of us expresses ourselves. Finding power within is the only way to respect the value of the power in others. Power is not indicative of how we rule, govern or assert strength over someone else, but how we find the space, time and commitment to demonstrate our own gifts and talents. The only way we can express our power is by being who we really are, by honoring our authentic selves.

Someone once encouraged me to adopt the belief that we are “one race.”   We are. And being able to express every aspect of our race in the unique manner that we as individuals experience and contribute to life is our true gift. The Ubuntu saying is “I am because you are.” This not only celebrates us as part of the team but gives us the true power of being one with others because we are able to be who we are.

If tradition attempts to limit us, it becomes a false idol and re-names itself “the past.” Everything around us teaches us that we cannot remain in the past any more than we can remain in a burning building.  Lot’s wife merely looked back at the past, and she could move no further.  We bring with us the power of the past being us as step into a future that defies the space of convention, one that can walk the water of new faith and courage without fear.

Where tradition excluded others, its toxic energy requires that it be cleansed, purged like any other substance that would kill. Exclusion is blindness. We cannot see what we refuse to accept as meaningful, important or real.

Where tradition welcomes who we are and uplifts our contributions, we honor it as the deliverer of all change and transformation.

The cocoon of conforming has covered us for so long that only a few of us dare emerge.  Yet, more often than not when we do, everyone admires the shapes, contexts and contours of the gifts and talents that only we can give to the universe.

Being there for others is an important way to show up for ourselves.

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Matthew 5:6 says “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.”

We know that Jesus is not talking about food – unless it is manna – the food of life that never stops feeding us – that always provides what we need.

We know that we are not talking about drink unless we are talking about living water – the water that we may drink of and never thirst again.
We know that we are not talking about something or someone who is self-righteous because a consciousness that only sees its own greatness in the flesh fails to realize the pure power of God.

In his book Discover the Power Within, Eric Butterworth says righteousness means “right thinking.”  He says it would be so much easier to go through the motions – to just go to church and praise God and sing in the choir and serve as an usher – and never change our minds or transform our consciousness to realize the power, the true power that God has given us to think, do and be righteousness.

We have to become immersed in our desire to do the good that God calls us to do, so immersed that we are completely connected with Spirit – so connected that we don’t sweat the small stuff because we are focused on the big stuff.

We can be so caught up in our daily routine – the small stuff that we forget to look to the hills; we forget to rise above; we forget that we were aiming for something greater – so much greater than what we are doing and feeling and even fearing.  We forget that God is in charge and God will work out the details in perfect divine order when we are focused, when we have clarity – when we let go and let God – FOR THEY – WE SHALL BE FILLED.
Paul said that we shall be transformed by the renewal of our minds – through right thinking.  Right or Positive thinking is part of the unlimited power of God.

Emmett Fox says that if our right thinking is clouded – if we are not being transformed or are progressing as fast as we would like, we must do a few things:

  1. Hold onto only harmonious thoughts
  2. Do not dwell on mistakes or mis-haps
  3. Do not worry about how long it takes
  4. Claim the presence of God within us
  5. Claim wisdom, claim power, claim wealth
  6. Stop continuing bad habits
  7. Forgive and let go
  8. Release hatred and contempt
  9. Release poison and jealousy
  10. Entertain the possibility of something different
    If we take one step, God will take two.

When we hunger and thirst – the mere activity stirs up the power of God and fulfills the filling process of satisfying our needs.

Our greatest power is always here.

We only fail to realize it when we generate fear because fear will only help create fear.   What are we creating for ourselves?

So often we just go through the motions.  We stop.  We forget. We deny ourselves.  We disown the God in us.  We try to prevent ourselves from moving forward.  We even blame it on age.  (There is no gene for aging; we made that up!)
Let’s stop drawing to ourselves the things that we fear we must suffer and start creating for ourselves to joy that God intends us to create as us.

We never had to leave the Garden of Eden – never.  We left because of our desire to punish ourselves – and we stay out because of our continued desire to be unworthy, to be sinners.

We sin when fail to realize God the only power that there is inside of us.
God is bigger than the Republicans.  God is greater than any government .  God is more powerful than the world.  God is not limited by the polls or governed by the economy.

God is the full expression of absolute good through every aspect of our being.

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The call to spiritual transformation is the call to freedom.

It is a prophetic call heard within the depths of the mind, heart and soul, a calling from God, resonating in our consciousness, in our environment, in each every breath that we breathe and space that we take up.

It is a voice of strength, illuminating us with faith.  It is a voice of deliverance, reminding us of our freedom.  It is a voice of power, anointing us with grace.  It is a voice of divinity, blessing us with love.  It emanates everything that embraces us: the blood in our veins, the cells in our bodies, the vision that we move forward in.

If you listen, you can hear it, feel it, touch it, taste it, dance it, sing it, clap it: an ancestral call to raise us from semi-consciousness to a state where we can see God.

Malidoma Patrice Some teaches us that “ancestors have an intimate and absolutely vital connection with the world of the living.  They are always available to guide, to teach, and to nurture.  They represent one of the pathways between the knowledge of this world and the next. . . . [T]hey embody the guidelines for . . .all that is most valuable about life.”  (Of Water and Spirit  (Putnam: New York, 1994) at p. 9)
If I am still, I can hear them distinctly – not downtrodden as they were in the physical world, but holy and divine.  Their call is one of deliverance.   It is a call heard in the midnight hour, in the rustling of the leaves, in the sip of the living water: a call to Spirit and to Truth.

It is a call that no one can stifle, even those who refuse to hear it. It is a call that is at once collective and individual. In order to recognize our worth as individuals and as a species, we must not merely hear it but respond to it. No matter what our life circumstances may be, we are always free to do so.

Enslaved Africans heard the call, and their survival is a testament to their response. God called on many of our ancestors in a profound way, and great men and women like Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth listened and acted.

Take Sojourner Truth, for example. Her spiritual transformation began when she had a vision that her former “master,” from whom she had escaped, would visit. Truth told her “mistress and master” that her former “master” would come that day and she would leave with him. Her current “owners” were surprised because they had not heard that he would come.

Sojourner Truth took her child and prepared to leave with him. As she approached him, however, she had a more compelling vision: “God revealed himself to her . . . [and showed] that He was all over — that He pervaded the Universe.”

Even though she was physically enslaved, Truth realized that “there was no place, not even in hell, where [God] was not.” When her attention was finally “called to outward things, she observed her `former master’ had left” without her and her child. She walked back into the house, “exclaiming aloud, `Oh, God, I did not know you were so big.’” (Narrative of Sojourner Truth (as told by Sojourner Truth), at 35-36)
God is big indeed–a power too awesome and all- encompassing to even conceptualize. God fills our hearts; embraces our bodies, blesses our souls, lights the sky above our heads, strengthens the earth under our feet. God is the sun and the stars and the moon.

God is the essence of life, in which we live and move and have our being. When we begin to acknowledge that God is awesome and we are made in God’s image and likeness – not a he God but male and female, according to Genesis – we open our consciousness to realize the awesomeness of our own true nature.

Harriet Tubman understood the power of the Divine and trusted in the Presence of God. She escaped enslavement herself and risked being recaptured, beaten, and killed when she returned again and again to help hundreds of Africans escape slavery in this country. Her courage and strength are indicative of her deep faith in the power of God.

During one mission in a bitter snowstorm, she found that the enslaved Africans she intended to help escape were not at their appointed meeting place. With only a tree for shelter, she did not turn back and refuse to wait in the storm. Apparently knowing God would protect her, she stood behind the tree for the entire night in the snowstorm until those she came to help arrived.

The abolitionists who wrote of this account depicted her as an ignorant child instead of a powerful spirit woman and “her people’s” trust of God as naive. But Jesus taught us that we must be childlike–that is unconditional and complete–in our trust to enter the kingdom. Harriet Tubman and many others suffered the indignity and horror of American slavery, yet the tremendous power of God kept them moving toward freedom.

Despite the beatings and other insane acts of violence against the minds and bodies of enslaved Africans in this country, no one could master them as long as they mastered their own consciousness. Even if we appear to be free, we are “slaves” to external conditions if we do not embrace our own self-worth and master our own mind, soul, and spirit.

By external conditions, I mean the things we can see with the physical eye – the appearance of poverty, the appearance of illness, the appearance of terror. Of course, these things do exist in the material world, but we do not have to be controlled by them. When we realize that God is the movement and momentum underlying all things and that we live, move, and have our being in God, we attain mastery over ourselves.

Sojourner Truth was her own master because she was directly connected with Spirit. Despite her circumstances, she was called to transform herself into a powerful leader when she realized that God is everywhere and bigger than any man-made institution or three-dimensional, time-bound realm.
God moved Sojourner Truth to sojourn for Truth in a manner that would liberate not only herself but other captured Africans. She remains a master teacher of the principle that God is much larger than any beliefs or concepts we might have – larger even than existence as we know it. Her life and the lives of other Africans in this country are a critical example, rarely acknowledged, of how the recognition of God pushes us far beyond even our greatest expectations.

Like Sojourner Truth, Nat Turner, who led a slave revolt in Virginia in 1831, was one of the greatest spiritual masters of his time. He claimed that the “Spirit” spoke to him, saying, “Seek ye the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you.” By Spirit, he meant “the Spirit that spoke to the prophets in former days. “ Turner prayed continually for two years “whenever [his] duty would permit – and . . . had the same revelation, which fully confirmed that [he] was ordained for some great purpose in the hands of the Almighty.” (The Confessions of Nat Turner, The Leader of the Late Insurrections in Southampton, Va., As fully and voluntarily made to Thomas R. Gray, Nov. 5, 1831) Turner understood that obedience to the call of God is the source of true freedom.

What do these African American prophets teach us? That when we recognize the presence of God everywhere in our lives and open our consciousness to tap God’s infinite power, we can do more than we could ever imagine – not so much for our personal gain but for the benefit of all humanity, which is where our true worth lies. We are able to taste the sweetness of freedom when we realize that there is no separation between all that we are and all that God Is.


RELEASING THE OLD – Part 10 – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


This audio tape is the studied chapter from the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,  by Joe Dispenza, which you can purchase on Amazon.  We are also excerpting the music of The Walls Group, “Make Me Over,” which can be purchased on i-Tunes.  

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We cannot find a better, more joyful retreat — than in our own souls.

Our souls know that God is not only Mother and Father but God is the One from whom there is no separation.

God is the breath that unites our souls with our body temples.
Breathe in and breathe out– remind yourselves that you are one with all souls, one with all breaths, all energy, all joy, all of God’s breath — breathing back as us.

When we remember to be conscious of the joy of God’s divine breath, every cell, every atom, every molecule of our body says Yes! — and our entire being becomes a prayer.

Focus your attention at the center of your forehead — above the space between your eyes — what we the third eye — the place where we align with the energy of the Soul.

The soul is everywhere and nowhere.
When we are centered in the Soul, we see with its eyes.
We see past the limitations of space and form and shape and even species,  and Joy appears as the wide open dimension of pure possibility. 


The silence is God’s voice. 

Joy is our redemption.
It is said that all beings are interconnected, and that we only need to tune into the silence within ourselves to truly understand this.

Jesus said love one another as I have loved you.  In John 15:11, Jesus says I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.
We need to recognize that we all have a divine purpose — and ours may seem minimal or even trivial — or perhaps completely non-existent, but we are all here to bring joy.

If you pay attention, the soul will teach you how to stop fighting and be a recipient of God’s good.

Look in your hands.

The universe of endless source is always putting crumbs there, always putting morsels of substance, spiritual manna to feed you.

But most importantly — Spirit always give you the opportunity to feed others.  Jesus told Peter three times, “feed my sheep.”

Don’t worry so much about getting something for yourself — but to bring joy to others.

Maybe it’s forgiving someone who is really difficult to forgive.

Maybe it’s being silent and listening to someone who really needs someone to listen.

Maybe it’s holding back a harsh word and instead speaking a word of encouragement.

Maybe it’s opening a door — and allowing someone else to go first.

Maybe it’s giving a really big tip — despite your budget.

Maybe it’s simply writing a letter each day to let someone know how they’ve made a difference in your life.
Whatever it is, keep giving it each day — and the unnoticeable beings of life will show up in unexpected places to reward you with unimaginable  manna of life-altering goodness. 

OVERCOMING THE NEGATIVE – Part 9 – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


This audio tape is the studied chapter from the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,  by Joe Dispenza, which you can purchase on Amazon.  We are also excerpting the music of The Walls Group, “Make Me Over,” which can be purchased on i-Tunes.  

We will continue tomorrow at 8 PM, by calling 218-936-4986, pass code 48201.
Enjoy our other websites uplifting a consciousness of grace at (we are on over 1000 days of a meditation challenge); (we post videos for our Miracle Minute Meditation, as well as our Metaphysical Bible Journey); (where we continue to uplift our community of growth in consciousness); (our publishing website); and (our main website).


An African proverb says, the “wise aim at boundaries beyond the present; [and] by their struggle they transcend the circle of their beginning.”
The Brown Girl dares to step out of the box of conventionality that has always excluded her – to envision a creation that is far more inclusive, one that sees beyond the European biblical tradition that “remade its past to suit its own interests”– and  recalls ancient Africa’s place as the Motherland of creation.
Moses says to the Israelites, “you forgot the God who gave you birth” (Deut. 32:18 NIV).  Isaiah said that God cried out like “a woman in childbirth,” reminding her children that she upheld since conception and “carried … since… birth” (Isaiah 42:14, 46:3).  It was this Mother God, Hosea recalls, who taught us to walk, who healed us, who lifted the yokes from our necks, who bent down to feed us (Hosea 11:3-4).

Even Pope John Paul I recognized that God is not just our Father; “even more God is our [M]other.”  Hence, we should not be limited to a male-dominated creation mythology that leaves out the Mother Creator.
God as Mother is not merely Creator but is creativity itself.
Creator as Mother is the epitome of Love:  love as grace, love as compassion, love as peace, love as strength, love as power, love as wisdom, love as community, love as justice, love as faith, love as hope.  Creator as Mother is not a gender – but is the energy of  creation constantly and continuously creating itself.
Few would dispute that due to European male dominance of Christianity as a tradition, God the Father governs the majority of our relationships with God.  But that solely paternal relationship is often limited to the over-literalized metaphor that it is.
The paternal image of God as Father has so monopolized “Christian speech about God that the equally legitimate and in some ways even more appropriate symbol of God as Mother [has been] eclipsed.”  However, this historical, political, cultural, and economic dominance of man over woman does not dispel the Truth that God is greater than any pre-conceived notion of human sexuality or gender.  God’s attributes as Creator can be better identified with the attributes of Mother as the major creative, life-giving force in the world.
“Since it is women whose bodies bear, nourish, and deliver new persons into life and, as society is traditionally structured, are most often charged with the responsibility to nurture them into maturity, language about [Creator] as mother carries a unique power to express human relationship to the mystery who generates and cares for everything.”
The Brown Girl, as a Columbian Indian, sings that God is “the mother of all races, the mother of all tribes.  She is the mother of the thunder, mother of the rain and rivers, the mother of trees and all living things.” Of course, many if not most theologians choose to stay deeply embedded in a tradition merely because it is traditional; they refuse to entertain Creator as Mother since “the Bible speaks of God as ‘Father’” – fully ignoring the fact that the biblical image of God was created by men wrote the Bible.
The Brown Girl – surrounded by the hatred and condemnation of a white male-dominated world, is a Creator who uplifts those who have been marginalized and demonized – putting them in their rightful place as equal heirs to the throne; a Creator who has “a mother’s love that makes the beloved beautiful”; a Creator whose love cannot be earned or merited but is “freely and abundantly given.”
Creator as Mother generates everything and ensures that it flourishes.  “Without origin, without source, without beginning,” Creator as Mother is not a gender but is creativity itself.  “Creation is not something God did . . . Creation is something God does and is still doing.”
 “There is a creative force constantly at work in man and all creation.”  Creator as Mother is “sympathetic, comforting, loving, forgiving, and instantly healing,” with all “compassion and healing power of the Father at ‘Her’ command.”
Those of us who are oppressed, marginalized, denigrated, and impoverished realize the presence of God when we understand that “every moment is the beginning of a new creation.” Creation did not begin and end in seven days; those days are just symbolic of the   Truth that “[w]herever there is the evidence of creative action, there God is.”
“God is closer to us than we are to ourselves.” We experience God through our expressions of the creative source.  We are a living expression of God.



The Psalmist says “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.   Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” (Psalm 51:10-12)  He begs God to help him keep his consciousness clean, unadulterated and full of the Holy Spirit because he realizes that without it, he has issues.  He wants to stay connected to the presence of the Holy Spirit because he without it, he is weak instead of strong; he is dumb instead of wise; he is mis-directed instead of guided; he stutters instead of speaks; he fails instead of triumphs.

The Holy Spirit is our life-line to God.  If God is Inexhaustible Source and Infinite Supply, the Holy Spirit is that divine channel that connects us to all that God is.  But if we are not centered in the Holy Spirit, if we are not aligned with its presence, if we are not listening to its guidance – we fail to receive the endless blessings that are always here.

The Psalmist knows this.  The Psalmist realizes the power of loving the Holy Spirit – of not doing, saying or thinking anything that jeopardizes his connection – and so he begs “Create in me a pure heart God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.   Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.”  Show me how I can remain centered in you – in your integrity – in your discipline – in your truth – in your light – in your Spirit.
I get up every morning and I’m so busy getting ready for work and trying to get to the gym. I need to return phone calls, and answer email.  I need to text message.  I want to check the internet.  I want to order those shoes; I’m hoping that I can fit those pants.  I need to record that show.  I got to charge my iPad.  I’m multi-tasking in the world – and if I am not centered, I fail connect with all of this worldly things because I fail to connect with Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is where I need to get re-charged.  The Holy Spirit is where I need to tap in and turn on.  God is everywhere power, always available, endless supply, inexhaustible source – but we allow our batteries to falter and run low because we stop connecting with the absolute good that is here.

“Create in me a clean heart.  Renew a steadfast spirit within me.   Help me remember that the Holy Spirit is always my teacher and my guide.”  You see, I distracted by the world.  I forget my calling.  I start worshiping the material and the flesh instead of demonstrating your power in me.  I allow myself to be thrown off course by the energy of others.  I start wallowing in fear.  I get confused.  I start second-guessing the kingdom of God within unless I am anchored – connected – imbued – glued – one with the Holy Spirit.
Spirit gives us a wealth of wisdom.  Spirit gives us a power of prophecy.  Spirit gives us a strength of speech.  Spirit gives us a restoration of revelation.  Spirit gives us a vision of victory over any adversary.  What did Jesus say?  The Holy Spirit  teaches us all things (John 14:25-27).

Ask Joseph.  Remember him?  He was thrown into slavery by his own brothers, but he overcame every obstacle because he had the superior, supernatural wisdom of Spirit.   And here’s the thing – not once did Joseph put anything before Spirit, and he was always blessed.  They put him in chains, and the chains fell off.  They falsely accused him, and the truth came to light.  They sold him into slavery, and he became a ruler over all the land.

The Holy Spirit does not operate in the convention of man.  Spirit is not limited to time constraints and educational degrees and economic shifts and physical barriers – and yet, it is a power so real that it anoints us with the gift of prophecy.  We can plan accordingly. Through the Holy Spirit, we are given the gift to see beyond the earthly realm and know what will happen even before it does.  Our ability to co-create with the Universe is strengthened because we are connected with the unlimited flow of God.

1 Samuel says that when the Spirit came upon Saul, he began to prophecy.   It says that the Spirit of God came on Saul’s men, and they began to prophecy.  Saul sent for more men, and they began to prophecy too.   Saul then sent a third wave of men, and they also began to prophecy. (1 Samuel 19:19-21)  Why?  Because there is no limit to what Spirit can do.

We do our part by putting Spirit first.  And when we do, we Spirit blesses us with the strength of speech.  The words that we need to say – just come out, and even if they don’t the receiver of the word, the listener hears the right thing.

Spirit will speak for us at our interviews.  Spirit will stand for us during those difficult confrontations.  Spirit will give eloquence when we feel tongue-tied.  In Luke 12, Jesus said don’t worry about how to defend yourself, don’t worry about what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will put the words into your mouth.

Spirit will speak, but it requires us to listen.

If we don’t listen, we don’t hear the word.  We get static.  If we are not tapped in and turned on to God, we don’t get the right reception.  The picture stops coming through because we aren’t on the right channel.  The only channel, you see, is the Holy Spirit.

In 1 Corinthians 2 Paul says “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” are the things God has revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.  With Spirit the battle is over because we have won before the fight begins.  We need to wait on the outcome.  The deck is already stacked in our favor.  The right job, the best mate, the more money flowing than we have ever seen in a long, long time is the benefit of loving the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit told me that it is light emanating in endless directions – from a central place in the divine ethers of energy around you but connecting at the center of everything that we are – not merely shining above us but also below us – to our left, to our right, radiating in our gut, in our heart, in our mind.
Allow this light of God to remove any impediments, any concerns, any fears, any doubts, any thoughts, any people who stand in the way of Spirit, the Holy Spirit as Absolute Good.

Don’t fight them, just bathe them in the loving presence of Spirit.  Feel them being loved and removed by Spirit.

Feel the love cleaning your own heart.

Feel is light and its energy lift you into a new awareness of your connection to God everywhere present.

WHEN THE SERVANT BECOMES THE MASTER – Part 8 – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


This audio tape is the studied chapter from the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,  by Joe Dispenza, which you can purchase on Amazon.  We are also excerpting the music of Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai: “Service” and “Call to Enchantment,” which can be purchased on i-Tunes.  

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We also discussed The Ultimate Secret to Getting Absolutely Everything You Want by Michael Hernacki, which says in order to accomplish something, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it. When you form an intention and keep fast to it, you will eventually achieve the results you want.  An open mind is receptive to the possible, the untried, the unproven. It doesn’t make judgments. It doesn’t make excuses for why things cannot be. It doesn’t refuse what is asked of it, no matter how illogical the request may seem. You only two things: 1. A clear idea of what you want (an objective).  It’s helpful to write down what you want in words that are as specific as you can make them. 2. Commitment. This, like willingness, is an attitude, a feeling of confidence that you’ll continue to pursue what you want, no matter what happens, a firm belief that what you want is so desirable and so important to you that, in the end, it will be worth doing whatever you must do to get it.
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The Divine is Within Each and Everyone of Us

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