7 - Copy (2)One of my favorite scriptures is from the Book of Job, when he was at his lowest, but he still had faith. In the New King James Version, Chapter 23, Verse 14, it says, “For He performs what is appointed for me, and many such things are with Him.” Job is saying, I may not see the process. I may not see behind the scenes, but God is building, growing, shaping, forming, creating, and completing what God appoints me to do. So, after I have done all — every single thing that I can do, I rest. I let go, and I let God.

The Fourth Commandment says, “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant or maidservant, nor your animals, nor the alien within your gates. For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore, the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.” Genesis teaches that God created the universe in six cycles of activity and on the seventh day, God rested.

Moses, who we know was a heightened spiritual individual, is teaching in the Fourth Commandment that we — made in the image and likeness of God, should also rest in our cycle ofGod is a Brown Girl Too 2010 Retreat 250 activity.

In every activity that we do, whether it be weight-lifting, writing, sculpting, teaching, managing, lawyering, or singing, there must be resting periods, when we cease all outer activity and trust God to do the requisite work, to facilitate the necessary connections, to make the divine appointments, to open the closed doors, to find the desired partner, to manifest the right resources, to tie the loose ends, to make a way out of no way — to do what we could never do for ourselves.

Georgiana Tree West gives a beautiful analogy of the need to surrender to Spirit in her book, Prosperity’s Ten Commandments. She says that when a farmer selects the seed, that’s like us deciding what we want. When a farmer prepares the ground for planting, that’s like us praying and acknowledging the one Source from which all of our good comes. Planting the seed is when we accept our desires. We plant in the soil of the mind; we plant in the soil of the heart; we plant in the soil of our soul — the divine idea that is to be made manifest. Tending the weeds is when we pour our faith upon our goals; when we prune and shape and water the soil through denials and affirmations; when we join together with like-minded people to center in Spirit; when we journal about it; when we meditate on it.

cropped-dusk-skyBut after the farmer has selected the seed, prepared the ground, planted the seed and tended the garden, he has to wait. He can’t send roots down into the soil. He can’t create upward shoots of green. He can’t put leaves on the stalks. He can’t put blossoms on the flowers. He has to let go and know that Spirit is working through natural law in cooperation with the seed that is planted to reveal the good that is constantly creating itself in the universal ethers. He has to do his part by surrendering.

When we learn to be true to ourselves and do what we were called to do, we will find that our needs are beautifully met — without struggle. Whether we are dealing with a week cycle; a year cycle; a 40-day accomplishment cycle; or a life cycle, we must balance all that we do with rest — and in that consciousness of rest, surrender to Spirit. In Spirit, we can surrender to the Love in which we live and move and have our being. We can surrender to Infinite Source, trusting that the Universe is always blessing us, always anointing us, always prospering us, always protecting us. We can surrender to Divine Mind, knowing that even in the unseen — all of our good is taking shape.

We can surrender to the invisible ethers that are attracting the right people, the right circumstances, and the right situations that will manifest our greatest dreams. We can surrender to the flow of inexhaustible supply and the energy of endless possibilities. We can surrender to the joy of letting go and letting God. In this consciousness of surrender, we can trust that Spirit is doing its work without us.

I do all that I can do; and then, I let go, and allow Spirit to bless me through the manifestation of my good.

A PRAYER FOR NAJAH – October 2009

begin 4


I am one with the Omniscient Wisdom of Spirit
continuously unfolding all that I need to know, when I need to know it.
I am one with the Omnipresent Power of Divine Mind
forever creating every space, breath and vision giving way to me.
I am one with the Omnipotent Energy of Love
always blessing my soul through each second, minute, hour, and day.
There is nothing that I cannot do, nothing that I cannot become,
nothing that I cannot accomplish through the gift of God expressing through me.

I know that Najah is blessed today.
He is  lifted in the Universal Power of the Peace, Wisdom, Strength, and Abundance of All Good.
He is protected from a consciousness of doubt, of lack, of limitation,
of anxiety, of fear, of worry, of anger,
of resentment — of anything that would interfere with the Greatness that he is.
He is anointed with the Love of a  Success that knows no boundaries.
He is covered with the Protection of Prayer never ceasing.
He is filled with the Energy of Faith always blessing.
His studies excel; his credibility is established;
his desire to bless others with his knowledge
leads him to a perfect high school, a top-ranking university,
a well-respected profession, rich resources,
and rewards and honors that are endless.
His family is whole and healed and prospered;
and he becomes their living legacy of achievement, accomplishment and purpose.

I AM lifted in the love and light and vision of Najah’s good this week
and through his long and prosperous life.
Nothing and no one can keep Najah from all of the gifts that are unfolding through him.
Through his Favor, I, too, am blessed.
I realize that God has also anointed me.

I am lifted from the appearances of affliction and the limitation of doubt.
I cross my Jordan into the Promised Land of my dreams coming true.
There is nothing that I cannot do, nothing that I cannot be,
nothing that I cannot manifest through the power of God in me.

I judge not by appearances,
but I know that the Light of Infinite Source —
girds me, protects me, and prospers me, manifesting all of my needs, wants and desires.
I get up from my bed by the pool of possibility —
just a few steps from where I need to be to embrace the success that I AM,
and I walk.
I walk through fear.
I walk past limitation.
I walk through doubt.
I feel the light of a new energy soaring through my limbs.
I feel the victory of God’s Grace blessing me with all of the business,
all of the relationships, all of the exposure, all of the opportunity, all of the money,
all of the resources, all of the divine ideas that I need
to soar in happiness, achievement, love, faith, courage, power, creativity, and purpose.
Oh I AM all that I AM.

And I am grateful.
I am great-ful.
I am great-filled.






Copyrighted 2009 by Reverend Cecilia Loving
Spiritmuv Power Prayers are to uplift the light and love of the Spiritmuv Sunday Service Prayer Circle of Light
These are Affirmations that are meant to be spoken aloud in the secret place of your meditation, silence, and service to Spirit and Truth.


God is a Brown Girl Too 2010 Bonding in FaithI used to tell the same story over and over again about my life, growing up in a housing project in the inner city of Detroit, in a single-parent home, with four brothers — without a lot of the material things that other people take for granted. Even if I didn’t tell this story to other people, I told it to myself — over and over again. It wasn’t a horror story by any stretch of the imagination, but it was one where I felt the confines of being less than the infinite potential of who I AM. It was one where I felt limited by the appearances of the physical world and deprived of the pure potential of the greatness of God expressing as me.

The story that I was telling was that of an African American girl who was born in a drug-infested, rat-infested, roach-infested, alcohol-addicted world of violence and imprisonment and prostitution and poverty. No matter who I was or what I became, I couldn’t escape it.

And then, an amazing thing happened, the world that had provided me with the dark journey of my soul was bulldozed, razed to the ground.I AM My husband and I drove to Detroit and saw the demolished community that I had called my home for 21 years. I was astonished that what I had once believed was an entire world looked like one New York City block . . . of dirt.

The field of dirt made me feel a little silly, like someone had pulled back the curtain and showed me that my life had been no more than a stage set. And there it was, bare again: ready for the next show. I had always been standing on the edge of something more powerful than who I was in the physical realm. And there it was — the substance of pure potential. That patch of soil helped me see that I am now and have always been the inexhaustible source of unlimited possibility. It made me realize that life is full of opportunities to re-write our personal script of misery into one of lasting deliverance, by re-envisioning who we are and telling a new story.

I am not talking about forgetting the past. I am talking about using it to realize our victory in the present. I am talking about standing on its shoulders as though they are the rock of a mighty ancestor who gives us nothing but strength and courage and fortitude and power and love and might and grace and wisdom to bring our best to a new day.

We don’t have to be confined to someone else’s vision of the past and their perspective of who God is. Jesus told us all we needed to know; he said you are gods!

Gathering for Morning Prayer Aboard the ShipSo, if you live a meager existence that never seems to know you were born to create but simply satisfies itself with less, tell a new story that allows you to realize that the Kingdom is yours.

If you are struggling in the drama of someone else’s hell and cannot seem to reach the door of your own awakening, tell a new story that gives you the courage to leave and begin a new life journey of freedom and independence.

If you keep repeating the same mistakes again and again, then tell a new story where you have used the error of your ways to help other people change their habits.

If you are tip-toeing around the periphery of your calling — afraid to believe that you have the ability to shape and form everything in your midst, then tell a new story — one in which you take the bull by the horns and become all who you were blessed to be.

God is loveIf you are losing a race that you never seem win because you press forward but each lap moves you further from the finish line, then listen up. We were breathed from Spirit and shaped from the brown soil of mother earth, which is called adam in Hebrew.
Our dreams were born in the rising sun and spun through the glorious stars.
We are more than you could ever imagine.
We were born from kings and queens.
We are heirs to the throne.

That’s why I’m stepping out of the closet where I used to be to tell a new story for myself.
I’m not going to worry about pleasing other people; I’m going to be true to who Spirit summoned me to be.
I’m going to stop re-playing the same tapes.
I’m going to stop suffering through the same issues.

I’m going to write a new story, a powerful story, a story of unlimited resources, a story of divine ideas, a story that stops me from being captive in a melodrama without end, a story in which I leave the nets that I have been hanging onto, a story where my very name invokes the power of God.

You can recreate yourself in the same way that I am. You can tell a new story: one that dares not diminish who you are or any aspect of your divine inheritance. You can write a storyGBGII Cover without pity, sorrow, or despair; a story without a victim. A story with a hero and a happy ending; a story of prophecy about the true Kingdom of God that is right here inside of us — a place where there is no trepidation, only the realization that you can be and that you are anything that you want to become; a story about every hope, every dream, every desire, every pre-paving prayer that you can utter; a story of greatness that has never been told before — one in which you stand shoulder to shoulder with success; a story where you are one of many catalysts through which others recognize their power; a story of new ideas and fresh insights and infinite abundance and perfect opportunity embracing you, and uplifting you, and anointing you right where you are; a story that unfolds your power and your creativity and your passion and your talent and your spiritual gifts into a victory that is ever-lasting.

Know that the universe will back you up as you speak the story of a new and a great and a fantastic life that you can seize here and now in this moment.

Write your story beloved. Write a new one, and don’t utter the old one ever again.

Cecilia Loving is the owner and creator of God is a Brown Girl Too LLC , as well as the Pastor of SPIRITMUV (, a nondenominational church in NYC. She will be doing two of the workshops at the retreat, “Tell A New Story” and “Creating Abundance.” Her book, Prayers for those Standing on the Edge of Greatness ( will be sold at the retreat.


ownership 6

I honor Infinite Source.

I honor the Kingdom of God.
I honor Divine Mind.
I honor Inexhaustible Source.
I honor the Love,
in which I live and move and have my being.
I honor the joy, the peace and the power
that expresses through me.
I honor the Spirit that moves through my life,
a Spirit that is my Mother and my Father, my ancestors,
my teacher, my counselor, and my guide.
I honor the ability to let go, and let God.
I honor knowing that all of my prayers are answered,
all of my dreams are accomplished,
all of my goals are fulfilled,
all of my needs are met.
I honor the ability to ask, and receive,
seek, and find.
to knock, knowing that the door is opened.

We see Aunt Leona whole and healed today.
We know that all of her dis-ease has been released,
and she is getting up from her mat and walking.

We know that the angels have stirred the waters of her completion,
and she is surrounded by the love, the grace, and the wholeness of Spirit.

During this week, we ride the wind of change
through the powerful journey of our own dis-ease.
We are healed and enlightened and uplifted.

We realize that we are all of the love that we need,
and we courageously share it with others,
realizing that there is nothing that we cannot do —
nothing that we cannot accomplish.














Rev Loving listening to SpiritI was watching one of the cat fights on The Housewives of Atlanta, and as much as I love all of my beautiful sisters, it reminded me of the need that we all have for forgiveness and release. If we let go of the past, we free up so much energy to be productive in the present. When we aren’t bickering and hating, we have a lot more energy to manifest the change that we need in the world. The irony was that the “reality” television show was juxtaposed by continuous advertisements about brown girls starving in Africa.

We have a lot of work to do, but everything that we give to others begins with ourselves. We have to start by loving ourselves. Only then can we share the powerful love that we need to give to each other.

The following is an excerpt from my book, Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness. It’s about our need to let go and release the past, which is part of the journey that we will be taking at the God is a Brown Girl Too “Opening to Consciousness” Retreat (

The most important lesson I learned in the past decade is that forgiveness is not for the person I need to forgive; forgiveness is for me. When we hold resentment against anyone, we DSC_0343bind ourselves to that person; we give that person power over us, so much that the blockage interferes with our spiritual awareness.

In Romans 12:2, Paul said, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The more we change our level of thinking from being limited to what we believe we can do in the physical world, the sooner our prayers can be answered. There is no question that God can answer our prayers by God’s grace, despite our failures or refusals to center ourselves in Christ consciousness. But when we realize that Spirit is always allowing us to manifest our desires through the right state of consciousness, we relieve our suffering and begin to manifest our goals with greater ease.

In Jeremiah 29:11–14, the prophet tells us that God said, “For I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart.” True prayer, then, is the act of seeking God with all of our heart, which is seeking Spirit without the baggage of hurt or resentment that we all love to lug around. True prayer is the process of centering in divine love by releasing and letting go.

beauty elevenJohn said “God is love.” (1 John 4:16) True prayer or communion with God is the realization of the love that expresses as us; we are made in the image and likeness of God. When we truly pray, we embrace that image and likeness.

* * * * *
To have the clarity to let go, we must open our eyes and see people, places, relationships, circumstances, and situations without denial or resistance. When we open our hearts with forgiveness rather than condemnation, we can accept that our spouses will not change simply because we want them to, that they are on their own path, learning their own lessons, which have nothing to do with us.

We can accept that our parents did the best they could and are doing the best that they can and their criticisms of us have nothing to do with us, but are reflections of their own struggles. We can accept the past, realize that past mistakes cannot be changed, and move forward.

We have to accept that people are in our lives only for a season, and when that season ends, we have to let them go. We cannot control the manner in which people make decisions, andmirror 3 we must respect them for who they are, regardless of our differences. We also have to recognize that sometimes people will not accept us for who we are; however, that is not a sign that we need to change.

Instead, it is a signal for us to go on about our Father’s business. We cannot change other people; they have to do that for themselves. But we can change how we allow other people to impact our lives and how we use our thoughts, gifts, and energies when we relate to them.

BREATHING LOVE by Michelle Bernard

yoga 3Every time I tell someone that I teach yoga, they respond by saying something like, “I can’t even touch my toes,” or “Do you have to stand on your head?” Most people assume that their body must be pretzel-like before they can do yoga.   What they don’t understand is that the practice of yoga is far richer than touching one’s toes and much more than the mere movement of one’s body. Yoga has been marketed with images of quirky, tattooed, thin, new age, free-spirits sitting in a lotus position, or posing with one leg stretched up to the heavens, or standing contemplatively on their heads.  So many people attend yoga classes hoping to tie their legs behind their necks, tone their bodies without becoming “bulky”, or sweat profusely in the hope of melting away excess pounds.

Western culture has placed more emphasis on the physical rather than the spiritual aspect of yoga, despite theYoga 6 profound transformational  potential of this ancient, spiritual practice on body, mind and soul. I found my way to my first yoga class in 1995.  I was in my twenties and living in Hollywood pursuing the life of an entertainer.  Ironically, I was also battling the demon of depression.  The path my life as a singer no longer felt fulfilling.

I was suffering from  the awareness of dishonorable choices that I had made in my personal Yoga 7life and was unable to free myself from them.  I needed desperately to change my life — both in terms of my career and my personal relationships, but I didn’t know how to begin.  I really didn’t know how to re-direct my energy.  Moreover, I had no idea who I really was beyond the person that I had turned into.

I knew that the latter was not me, but I didn’t know who I was beyond the identity that I’d developed so far.  I was afraid.  Fear devastated me.  I was living in darkness.  And in this darkness, I was blind. But something led me to the Hollywood Y, a place where I could teach step aerobics and stretch classes.  So when I took my first yoga class, I did it merely so that I could  learn new Yoga 12stretches to incorporate in my fitness classes.

The yoga class was held on the basketball court upon a sea of thick, blue and gray Velcro-attached gymnastic mats.  The teacher, a brown man draped in a white, cotton loin cloth and a crown of bound “locks” spoke very little, like a guide. All I remember about the physical poses was standing with my arms at my side and breathing (tadasana, the mountain pose), standing on one leg and breathing (vrksasana, tree pose), and lying on my back and breathing (savasana, corpse pose).  What I never forgot was how the brown man spoke.  He was gentle, calm, compassionate, loving.  He wasn’t speaking to the physical me; he was speaking to my soul.  He was moving in oneness with my spirit.

And for the first time, in a long time, I felt an inner peace, that flowed from my own spirit.  I remember how quiet I became inside.  He guided my mind towards my breath, breathing in and breathing out, in and out.  There was peace in the breath.  There was peace in the stillness.   I found comfort.  I could begin again in the darkness.  I could breathe through it; and it wasn’t as foreboding. When I thought about the transformation that I had witnessed through the love of  breath from my own body, I was moved to tears.  I cried on my walk home.  Ninety minutes of standing, rolling, moving, breathing . . . .  had awakened something. I kept attending the Yoga Class at the Y.  I kept standing in mountain pose, engaged in the deep breath, guided by my teacher.

Through the stillness, through the energy, through the breath, I began to see more clearly — despite the darkness within.   I began to look at life differently, and I began to listen.  And there it was.  An illumination.  Great Spirit was with me, speaking to my soul, and showing me more of my Self than I’d ever seen.  I saw the essence of me.  I saw new courage.  I saw that I was capable of releasing the old Self.  Spirit was breathing in me the strength to uproot and recreate in a direction I had never considered.

I aligned with a deeper part of my essence.  Yoga, I realized, was not simply stretching; it was stillness.  It was the stillness that I needed to go within, the stillness that I needed to hear the Great Spirit, the stillness that I needed to move forward in peace. From those yoga classes, my life changed forever. Michelle Bernard is a licensed yoga intructor and personal trainer, as well as the owner and creator of  exquisite and original jewelry — each piece of which is an original work of art. 

See;  Michelle is also facilitating two Retreat Workshops, “Breathing Love” and  “Transforming the Body.”

GOD’S LOVE EXPRESSING AS US by Sherri Roberts-Lumpkin

DSC08154[1]Mother Teresa put it aptly when she wrote, “I am a tiny pencil in the hand of God, writing a love letter to the world.” But would God use me — a brown girl — to express love in the world?   The answer is yes.  Love is part of the very fiber of our being — not separate from who we are; it was created when we were created and it never stops creating itself.  Love is in our hearts; and we are in the heart of love.  As John says, “[e]veryone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”  (1 John 4:19) Many brown girls the world over suffer from a lack of self-esteem, which is really a lack of self-love and self worth. We are inundated with so many negative opinions of us — from the media, family and friends, or our own minds. We are obessessed with who we aren’t, what we aren’t, what we haven’t done, how we don’t look, where we haven’t been, why we can’t — rather than focused on the love of God blessing us and lifting us unconditionally.   Roberta Flack sings, “where is the love?”  To find love, we have to stop looking outside of ourselves and dig deep within.  We have to release the beliefs that society imposes on us, as well as our own self- imposed negative thoughts about ourselves. The best way to start loving yourself is through forgiveness.  We have to forgive society.  We have to forgive the world.  We have to forgive ourselves.  We have to forgive the haters and even the discriminators.  We have to forgive those who hurt us.  We have to forgive those who Sherri Lumpkin Photolost our trust.  The amazing thing is that forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for us.  Forgiveness opens our hearts to accept the love that is always inside — and by so doing, forgiveness creates spaces to accept the love of others.  Brown girls need love like everybody else.   Brown girls have a tremendous capacity to love too — because we are here to radiate the love of God as us — in our beauty, in our rhythm, in our warmth, in our strength,  in our wisdom, in our creativity, in our dance, in our song, in our power, in our intelligence, in our compassion.  The problem is that we need to believe that we are the best thing that ever happened to us — not a man or a job or an opportunity — just us.  When we brown girls truly begin to believe in our self-worth, then we will begin to pass our love to the world. The Ragbaby Exchange uses doll-making to help release the layers of self doubt and unforgiving attitudes to uncover the love and beauty of the brown girl.   The magic of making and embracing our love through dolls is healing. Doctors use dolls to calm patients with dementia. Social workers and therapist use dolls to help victims of abuse express what has happened to them. Children hold and play with dolls to comfort them but while playing they learn how to be nurturing. God is a Brown Girl Too 2010 Retreat 032The Ragbaby Exchange engages participants of all ages in doll-making as a way to express themselves. The dolls becaome their self-portrait.  This self-portrait begins the process of discovery that brings about a sense of acceptance of one’s own love and beauty. Through our doll-making workshops, we peel back the layers of negative thoughts and allow you to: • express your thoughts and emotions in healthy growth producing ways, • gain a sense of accomplishment, which helps move you toward self affirmation and divine potential, • learn to forgive, accept and value yourself and others, • see your own inner beauty and feel the love inside of you. Once we can see our own beauty and feel our own love expressed through this doll, we are able to be that tiny pencil. Through our release and acceptance of self, we become the words in God’s love letter.  When we decide to pass our beautiful loving self-image to another person, in effect, they are given a love letter from God, which says, “I love you.”  Peter said,  “above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”  (I Peter 4:8) Change your life by joining me at God is a Brown Girl Too, and start a chain reaction of spreading God’s love with a little brown doll filled with your love.   Sherri Roberts-Lumpkin, Founder/Creative Director,  The Ragbaby Exchange, will be doing some fantastic workshops at the Retreat, using the power of dolls to transform a Brown Girl’s love and appreciation of herself.

CREATING WEALTH, by Myreah Moore

listeningCreating Abundance is about the good that we desire — regardless of how it takes shape. Good can be health, relationships, creativity, funds — whatever you need, when you need it. The most important thing about prosperity or abundance is that it is always available to us. Jesus said, ask and you shall receive. The only limit on our ability to receive is what we place on it. We should claim our good on a daily basis. This is demonstrated by the fact that there is not a particular class or race or culture that attracts wealth. Wealth is attracted by people who emanate the type of energy and focus and joy that empowers them to manifest prosperity. If there is a specific type of person who attracts wealth, it is someone who is confident, creative and connected with the Inexhaustible Supply of the Universe. You might be able to identify them by their buoyancy, synergy, clarity, or wisdom. You might be able to feel their serenity, grace, or compassion. You might be able to see their gifts and talents and accomplishments. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, cultures, religions, and ethnic groups. But — unlike many people — they all know that they are blessed and highly favored.100 Even when everyone else is suffering from the appearance of a disastrous economy, those who are prosperous keep wearing the blessing of favor. How? Because they have transcended, looked beyond, lived above, lifted up their consciousness from what others are complaining about — and instead have connected with Infinite Source. Infinite Source is unlimited, flowing in the realm of spiritual ethers. It is our choice to see a cup half full or half empty. And like anything else that we can choose, we can choose to have a prosperity consciousness. We can choose to celebrate what we have and believe that we can always be supplied by Spirit. Our desires should not be the empty cup, but the full cup of our good seeking us. Our desires help us understand that we are more than merely human; we are divine. Through our divine nature, we can develop and maintain a consciousness without the limits or lack or doubt or fear that would keep us from demonstrating the abundance of God. There are millions of ways to demonstrate our good. Four simple steps, for example, can used to create a consciousness of wealth: 25The First Step is believing that you can create wealth. The Second Step is cleansing your mind to receive wealth. The Third Step is being clear about your wealth goals. The Fourth Step is invoking the magic number of increase. I will talk about how to implement all of these steps during my God is a Brown Girl Too Workshop: “Creating Abundance.” But in the interim, remember that you are a child of God, a child of a loving Mother-Father-God — always blessed and highly favored. You do not depend on people or conditions for your prosperity; they are merely channels. You bless those channels but at the same time acknowledge that Spirit is the sole source of your supply. Through Spirit, your good will flow to you effortlessly and easily. Through Spirit, you will always be guided and directed. The doors to your victory will open at just the right time that you need to enter them. The channels to your prize will bring forth the right people, circumstances and situations. The pathways to your success will lead you to the triumph of a resounding “Yes!” All you have to do is know that “Yes!” is the resounding Amen to all that you desire.


God is a Brown Girl Too 2010 Retreat 235When we are called to do something, the work that we know we need to do in the physical world is already done in the spiritual world.  Jesus said ask and you shall receive.

This is simply another way of saying, it is already done, but asking and believing are the tools that you need to use in order to see your desire take shape.  

This is easy, simple stuff that is so hard for us in our human-ness to do.  But Jesus taught us that we are gods. 

So when we are Spirit-moved into action, Soul-motivated to accomplish a goal, we don’t have to worry about how it will take shape. ownership 12

God always does the work that God appoints us to do. 

The right people will show up to help us, mentor us, bless us, guide us, prosper us.  The right situations will unfold.  Even if we can’t see the finish line, the road will rise us to meet us, and show us the way — when we are tuned in and turned on to Spirit.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a multimillionaire from Scarsdale or a brown girl from the South Bronx, the same God is blessing you from the same Infinite Source. 

When the news is burdening your soul with the appearance of lack, it is even more important to affirm for yourself, my work is done.   When you truly believe that it is done and you speak it boldly and courageously in your life, Spirit will knock you over with the abundance of success.  You will find that you don’t need to be captive to a consciousness of lack because God is always making a way out of no way. 

You will know without a doubt that all of those things that you need in the material world are manifesting right now.  

You will start recognizing the pure potential that God is expressing as you. 

ownership 6You will begin to embrace the divine legacy that is yours because you know that the Word of God — spoken from your lips to the ears of the Universe is as good as it gets. great 7 You won’t need to tip-toe around the periphery of your greatness because you will acknowledge that Spirit expressed through you is the omnipotent creator of the shape and form and texture of everything in your midst! 

 My work is done!  So you can awaken to the truth that Jesus taught — that the Kingdom of God is within us.  And in that Kingdom of God, everything that you want, that you need, that you plant — is done. 

When we can say affirmatively and powerfully that it is done, we know that we do not need the economic appearances of health, the promises of others, the limited resources that we see in the physical world: the only thing that we need is the full and complete understanding of our divine nature. 

When we say it is done, we really do walk by faith and not by sight.  We really do step through our self-imposed boundaries and move into a new existence.  



The Divine is Within Each and Everyone of Us

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