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God is a Brown Girl Too 2010 Bonding in FaithI used to tell the same story over and over again about my life, growing up in a housing project in the inner city of Detroit, in a single-parent home, with four brothers — without a lot of the material things that other people take for granted. Even if I didn’t tell this story to other people, I told it to myself — over and over again. It wasn’t a horror story by any stretch of the imagination, but it was one where I felt the confines of being less than the infinite potential of who I AM. It was one where I felt limited by the appearances of the physical world and deprived of the pure potential of the greatness of God expressing as me.

The story that I was telling was that of an African American girl who was born in a drug-infested, rat-infested, roach-infested, alcohol-addicted world of violence and imprisonment and prostitution and poverty. No matter who I was or what I became, I couldn’t escape it.

And then, an amazing thing happened, the world that had provided me with the dark journey of my soul was bulldozed, razed to the ground.I AM My husband and I drove to Detroit and saw the demolished community that I had called my home for 21 years. I was astonished that what I had once believed was an entire world looked like one New York City block . . . of dirt.

The field of dirt made me feel a little silly, like someone had pulled back the curtain and showed me that my life had been no more than a stage set. And there it was, bare again: ready for the next show. I had always been standing on the edge of something more powerful than who I was in the physical realm. And there it was — the substance of pure potential. That patch of soil helped me see that I am now and have always been the inexhaustible source of unlimited possibility. It made me realize that life is full of opportunities to re-write our personal script of misery into one of lasting deliverance, by re-envisioning who we are and telling a new story.

I am not talking about forgetting the past. I am talking about using it to realize our victory in the present. I am talking about standing on its shoulders as though they are the rock of a mighty ancestor who gives us nothing but strength and courage and fortitude and power and love and might and grace and wisdom to bring our best to a new day.

We don’t have to be confined to someone else’s vision of the past and their perspective of who God is. Jesus told us all we needed to know; he said you are gods!

Gathering for Morning Prayer Aboard the ShipSo, if you live a meager existence that never seems to know you were born to create but simply satisfies itself with less, tell a new story that allows you to realize that the Kingdom is yours.

If you are struggling in the drama of someone else’s hell and cannot seem to reach the door of your own awakening, tell a new story that gives you the courage to leave and begin a new life journey of freedom and independence.

If you keep repeating the same mistakes again and again, then tell a new story where you have used the error of your ways to help other people change their habits.

If you are tip-toeing around the periphery of your calling — afraid to believe that you have the ability to shape and form everything in your midst, then tell a new story — one in which you take the bull by the horns and become all who you were blessed to be.

God is loveIf you are losing a race that you never seem win because you press forward but each lap moves you further from the finish line, then listen up. We were breathed from Spirit and shaped from the brown soil of mother earth, which is called adam in Hebrew.
Our dreams were born in the rising sun and spun through the glorious stars.
We are more than you could ever imagine.
We were born from kings and queens.
We are heirs to the throne.

That’s why I’m stepping out of the closet where I used to be to tell a new story for myself.
I’m not going to worry about pleasing other people; I’m going to be true to who Spirit summoned me to be.
I’m going to stop re-playing the same tapes.
I’m going to stop suffering through the same issues.

I’m going to write a new story, a powerful story, a story of unlimited resources, a story of divine ideas, a story that stops me from being captive in a melodrama without end, a story in which I leave the nets that I have been hanging onto, a story where my very name invokes the power of God.

You can recreate yourself in the same way that I am. You can tell a new story: one that dares not diminish who you are or any aspect of your divine inheritance. You can write a storyGBGII Cover without pity, sorrow, or despair; a story without a victim. A story with a hero and a happy ending; a story of prophecy about the true Kingdom of God that is right here inside of us — a place where there is no trepidation, only the realization that you can be and that you are anything that you want to become; a story about every hope, every dream, every desire, every pre-paving prayer that you can utter; a story of greatness that has never been told before — one in which you stand shoulder to shoulder with success; a story where you are one of many catalysts through which others recognize their power; a story of new ideas and fresh insights and infinite abundance and perfect opportunity embracing you, and uplifting you, and anointing you right where you are; a story that unfolds your power and your creativity and your passion and your talent and your spiritual gifts into a victory that is ever-lasting.

Know that the universe will back you up as you speak the story of a new and a great and a fantastic life that you can seize here and now in this moment.

Write your story beloved. Write a new one, and don’t utter the old one ever again.

Cecilia Loving is the owner and creator of God is a Brown Girl Too LLC , as well as the Pastor of SPIRITMUV (, a nondenominational church in NYC. She will be doing two of the workshops at the retreat, “Tell A New Story” and “Creating Abundance.” Her book, Prayers for those Standing on the Edge of Greatness ( will be sold at the retreat.


Rev Loving listening to SpiritI was watching one of the cat fights on The Housewives of Atlanta, and as much as I love all of my beautiful sisters, it reminded me of the need that we all have for forgiveness and release. If we let go of the past, we free up so much energy to be productive in the present. When we aren’t bickering and hating, we have a lot more energy to manifest the change that we need in the world. The irony was that the “reality” television show was juxtaposed by continuous advertisements about brown girls starving in Africa.

We have a lot of work to do, but everything that we give to others begins with ourselves. We have to start by loving ourselves. Only then can we share the powerful love that we need to give to each other.

The following is an excerpt from my book, Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness. It’s about our need to let go and release the past, which is part of the journey that we will be taking at the God is a Brown Girl Too “Opening to Consciousness” Retreat (

The most important lesson I learned in the past decade is that forgiveness is not for the person I need to forgive; forgiveness is for me. When we hold resentment against anyone, we DSC_0343bind ourselves to that person; we give that person power over us, so much that the blockage interferes with our spiritual awareness.

In Romans 12:2, Paul said, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The more we change our level of thinking from being limited to what we believe we can do in the physical world, the sooner our prayers can be answered. There is no question that God can answer our prayers by God’s grace, despite our failures or refusals to center ourselves in Christ consciousness. But when we realize that Spirit is always allowing us to manifest our desires through the right state of consciousness, we relieve our suffering and begin to manifest our goals with greater ease.

In Jeremiah 29:11–14, the prophet tells us that God said, “For I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart.” True prayer, then, is the act of seeking God with all of our heart, which is seeking Spirit without the baggage of hurt or resentment that we all love to lug around. True prayer is the process of centering in divine love by releasing and letting go.

beauty elevenJohn said “God is love.” (1 John 4:16) True prayer or communion with God is the realization of the love that expresses as us; we are made in the image and likeness of God. When we truly pray, we embrace that image and likeness.

* * * * *
To have the clarity to let go, we must open our eyes and see people, places, relationships, circumstances, and situations without denial or resistance. When we open our hearts with forgiveness rather than condemnation, we can accept that our spouses will not change simply because we want them to, that they are on their own path, learning their own lessons, which have nothing to do with us.

We can accept that our parents did the best they could and are doing the best that they can and their criticisms of us have nothing to do with us, but are reflections of their own struggles. We can accept the past, realize that past mistakes cannot be changed, and move forward.

We have to accept that people are in our lives only for a season, and when that season ends, we have to let them go. We cannot control the manner in which people make decisions, andmirror 3 we must respect them for who they are, regardless of our differences. We also have to recognize that sometimes people will not accept us for who we are; however, that is not a sign that we need to change.

Instead, it is a signal for us to go on about our Father’s business. We cannot change other people; they have to do that for themselves. But we can change how we allow other people to impact our lives and how we use our thoughts, gifts, and energies when we relate to them.