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A PRAYER FOR NAJAH – October 2009

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I am one with the Omniscient Wisdom of Spirit
continuously unfolding all that I need to know, when I need to know it.
I am one with the Omnipresent Power of Divine Mind
forever creating every space, breath and vision giving way to me.
I am one with the Omnipotent Energy of Love
always blessing my soul through each second, minute, hour, and day.
There is nothing that I cannot do, nothing that I cannot become,
nothing that I cannot accomplish through the gift of God expressing through me.

I know that Najah is blessed today.
He is  lifted in the Universal Power of the Peace, Wisdom, Strength, and Abundance of All Good.
He is protected from a consciousness of doubt, of lack, of limitation,
of anxiety, of fear, of worry, of anger,
of resentment — of anything that would interfere with the Greatness that he is.
He is anointed with the Love of a  Success that knows no boundaries.
He is covered with the Protection of Prayer never ceasing.
He is filled with the Energy of Faith always blessing.
His studies excel; his credibility is established;
his desire to bless others with his knowledge
leads him to a perfect high school, a top-ranking university,
a well-respected profession, rich resources,
and rewards and honors that are endless.
His family is whole and healed and prospered;
and he becomes their living legacy of achievement, accomplishment and purpose.

I AM lifted in the love and light and vision of Najah’s good this week
and through his long and prosperous life.
Nothing and no one can keep Najah from all of the gifts that are unfolding through him.
Through his Favor, I, too, am blessed.
I realize that God has also anointed me.

I am lifted from the appearances of affliction and the limitation of doubt.
I cross my Jordan into the Promised Land of my dreams coming true.
There is nothing that I cannot do, nothing that I cannot be,
nothing that I cannot manifest through the power of God in me.

I judge not by appearances,
but I know that the Light of Infinite Source —
girds me, protects me, and prospers me, manifesting all of my needs, wants and desires.
I get up from my bed by the pool of possibility —
just a few steps from where I need to be to embrace the success that I AM,
and I walk.
I walk through fear.
I walk past limitation.
I walk through doubt.
I feel the light of a new energy soaring through my limbs.
I feel the victory of God’s Grace blessing me with all of the business,
all of the relationships, all of the exposure, all of the opportunity, all of the money,
all of the resources, all of the divine ideas that I need
to soar in happiness, achievement, love, faith, courage, power, creativity, and purpose.
Oh I AM all that I AM.

And I am grateful.
I am great-ful.
I am great-filled.






Copyrighted 2009 by Reverend Cecilia Loving
Spiritmuv Power Prayers are to uplift the light and love of the Spiritmuv Sunday Service Prayer Circle of Light
These are Affirmations that are meant to be spoken aloud in the secret place of your meditation, silence, and service to Spirit and Truth.


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I honor Infinite Source.

I honor the Kingdom of God.
I honor Divine Mind.
I honor Inexhaustible Source.
I honor the Love,
in which I live and move and have my being.
I honor the joy, the peace and the power
that expresses through me.
I honor the Spirit that moves through my life,
a Spirit that is my Mother and my Father, my ancestors,
my teacher, my counselor, and my guide.
I honor the ability to let go, and let God.
I honor knowing that all of my prayers are answered,
all of my dreams are accomplished,
all of my goals are fulfilled,
all of my needs are met.
I honor the ability to ask, and receive,
seek, and find.
to knock, knowing that the door is opened.

We see Aunt Leona whole and healed today.
We know that all of her dis-ease has been released,
and she is getting up from her mat and walking.

We know that the angels have stirred the waters of her completion,
and she is surrounded by the love, the grace, and the wholeness of Spirit.

During this week, we ride the wind of change
through the powerful journey of our own dis-ease.
We are healed and enlightened and uplifted.

We realize that we are all of the love that we need,
and we courageously share it with others,
realizing that there is nothing that we cannot do —
nothing that we cannot accomplish.