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Also giving honor to Yemi Alade’s song “Wonder Woman”
excerpted here from her 2017 Album Black Magic which
can be purchased on i-Tunes

With a crown of wisdom, she is a weaver of dreams, a welder of opportunities, a molder, a shaper, a creator of endless possibilities.
Her eyes see beyond messiness, beyond confusion, beyond hatred to the pure potential of a future without judgment – with a vision clear enough to appreciate our differences of color, race, age, gender, expression, orientation, culture, lineage, thought, history, pain, blame, and shame.
Her mouth tastes the sweetness of prophecy, refraining only from the profanity of doubt, fear, disbelief, and despair.
Oh Wonder Woman, whose tongue speaks in the sound of oneness that all embryos know as soon as they are born, whose lips part with the truth that makes the world a better place, whose ears listen deeply to innovate ideas – like music making change, like jazz/gospel/blues/rap/be-bopping the sound of success, whose arms carry the persecuted, the sick, the possessed, the demonized, the blind, the traumatized.
You whose hands fold nothing but answered prayers. Your fingers touch the hem of every miracle. Your fists fight as warriors against every injustice, every poverty, every discrimination, every disease. You whose shoulders are broad enough to carry generations, whose heart is as great as every religion, every faith, every creed.
Oh Wonder Woman, Oh Hannah, Sarah, Hagar, Esther, Rachel, Ilana, Dianne, Sephardi, Mizrahi, Alysa, Oh Mary, Martha, Oh Sojourner, Harriet, Oh Maya, Oh Revital, Oh Perri, Oh, Aixa,
Oh Shanell, Oh Stephanie, Oh Sheri, Oh Mignon, Oh Lanesha, Oh Victoria, Oh Tamaya, Oh Miriam, Oh Malou, Oh Tara, Oh Gina, Oh Diana, Oh Mara, Oh Melinda, Oh Tamar, Oh Tal, Oh Myrtle, Oh Leslie, Oh Cassia, Oh Ruby, Oh Tali,
Oh nameless woman at the well, who gave birth to prophets and leaders and doctors and geniuses and gods and queens and kings, you who carry worlds in your loins.

Oh Wonder Woman, you who communicate across bandwidths and airwaves. You who heal lives. You who unite professionals. You who enact laws. You who build bridges. You who restore properties. You who develop lands.

You who serve as Council.  You who serve on the Senate. You whose age does not matter. You who close the wounds of trauma. You who break the mold.

Rev. Loving speaking on Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes on the Mount of Beatitudes at the Sea of Galilee

You who shift the shape. You who preserve truth. You who lead colleges. You who manifest King’s Dream and then some.

Rev. Loving preparing to baptize at the Sea of Galilee

You who do the greater things that we are all called to do.
You who will not be touched or groped or violated anymore. You who are not limited to a hash tag because your magnificence makes the “me” – us.
Us Wonder Woman of glorious hope, us days are not our own, they are for greater purpose and realms of pure potential, dancing with the amazing grace that we have been summoned to restore, washing away inequity,
cleaning the disparity, dispensing with the terror, righting the wrong, healing the anger,
baptizing the anointed, holding the light for peace for generations to come.
We are Wonder Women because we are strong enough to know that one day, there will be peace, and we are bold enough and brilliant enough to behold its magnificence, find its forgiveness, bury its fault, and teach it, nurse it, and feed it from the same bosom that breathes every single soul that ever was and ever will be.
As my Mother would say, may our Circle be unbroken.

(“Wonder Women Poem,” presented in Jerusalem, Israel on May 31, 2018 at the MASHAV International Women’s Conference)


I’m glad to be in 2017, meditating, dancing, creating, establishing, loving, laughing, eating, exercising, giving, and growing into 2018.
I feel blessed to have an opportunity to resolve yet again that I’m going to do something to make my life and the lives of others better.  I choose to use the energy of this season to recognize the infinite power in me to demonstrate the awesome presence, wisdom and grace of love.
This is my dance: one of absolute good, expressing itself as the most loving person I can be.  In this infinite light of love, I resolve to be worry-free, debt-free, guilt-free, shame-free, blame-free, doubt-free – living a life of moments rather than mere days, but moments that are mindful about breathing in nothing but the pure power of possibility.  Like Joseph in the ancient, sacred text (Genesis 50:20), I like that even what somebody else intends for evil, God simply blesses me with, without ceasing.  I, like Jesus Christ, can call it all good (John 7:24): the appearances bless me, bless us, restore us.
14Here and now, I am liberated to love the power of Spirit like nothing else: to love it morning, noon and night and in that well-spring of love to be the best that I am called to be.  I am liberated from any requirement as to what form or shape my “best” will take.  The blessing is in the divine idea of simply being.
How liberating it is to walk into the New Year unencumbered by mistakes or regret.  How great it is to know that the truth that sets us free is being one with now.  The truth is that we are one with absolute good right now – good that is always expressing in, as and through us.  The truth is that the pure consciousness of God radiates through every cell of our body, awareness of our mind and expansion of our soul.  The truth is that God really does do the work that we are appointed to do.  The truth is that Spirit opens new doors, creates new circumstances, and gives us what we need before we even ask.  In this consciousness of grace, we can release needing, wanting or desiring and instead accept the infinite blessings that the universe is breathing through each one of us.
I resolve to forgive myself for everything I started to do but didn’t, wanted to do but forgot, or did do but failed to appreciate.  If I can’t do it, I won’t.  If I must do it, I’ll try.  If I don’t do it – well, there’s always next time.  The good thing about forgiveness is that we can do it right now, and it’s done. I release all obligations, all debts and all concerns of myself and others.  Yes, I forgive seventy times seven, and in the energy of the seven of completion, I let go and move forward to do the greater things that I must do, can do, and will do.
I leap into the awareness that I am free in the fluid stream of absolute good and marvelous in the manifestation that my goals are accomplished the moment that I claim them: the rest of the time is merely the process that I must grow through to accept their completion.  Here is to perfect health, wholeness and mindful acceptance of beauty, movement, lifting, energy and grace.

I resolve to love, and this resolution to be the pure power of love everywhere present expresses itself right now.  This is a no-brainer: a simple truth that can be used to harmonize any situation.  I am love right now, and I love unconditionally.  The bible can be summed up in this one resolution: love.  As John said, God is love.  I allow the loving energy of God to express in, as and through me right now.
I resolve to laugh.  We can’t take ourselves too seriously.  Otherwise, we will stop the endless flow of God’s good due to our own rigidity.  When we take ourselves too seriously, we do not keep our consciousness open to receive the blessings that are always calling us.  We place boundaries before blessings.   But with laughter, we are blessed to not hold grudges, to wear the world as a lose garment, to refuse to worry about what others think of us.
I resolve to dream.  Dreaming of endless possibilities and inexhaustible supply is the gift of being alive.  This is another resolution that is not confined by 365 days; we can dream right now and be done with it.  Or we can continue to be anointed by the grace of God’s favor dreaming through us.  It’s our choice: to be given the gift of dreaming Spirit’s divine call whenever we desire.  I resolve to dream as often as I desire, stepping well beyond the conventionality of the box in which I thought I was limited.  Spirit gives shape to divine intention through our dreams.
I resolve to give.  This is the answer to the question that is always asked: what is my purpose in life?  The truth is that I am here to give.  When we are consciously aware that we are here to bless, we stop holding back our good and instead give.  Give smiles.  Give hellos.  Give thank yous and you’re welcomes.  Give encouragement, handwritten notes, high fives, subway fare, spare change.  Give secretly, for nothing in return – not even the right to say, “I gave.”  We don’t even have to keep track of when we have to give.  Giving feels so good that the universe will provide so many opportunities that we don’t even have to be aware of them.
I resolve to listen.  We are all one with the pure consciousness of God speaking everywhere present.  We just haven’t taken the time to listen.  Listening hears the whole being of God emanating as us. We listen every day to  We listen to the eternal breath of Spirit move through us as the completion of all good.  This resolution can be accomplished right now, in a single breath.  Breathing in, I listen.  Breathing out, I hear.  Listening has no agenda: we just are.
I resolve to create.  The truth is the “I” that creates is the “I AM” of God energizing, igniting and enjoying life in endless shapes, forms and dimensions.  No need to worry about the old ideas; the universe is filled with new ones.  By resolving to create, we open our consciousness to allow Spirit to co-create through us.  No need to judge our creations.  Creativity is bigger than us.  Whether we witness it or not, God’s good is always using us to bless others.  In the power of this resolution, we allow ourselves – here and now – to be the conduit of change and transformation.
I resolve to heal.  This resolution only requires the acceptance of grace.  In grace, we are whole.  In grace, we are lifted from our mats of affliction and realize that there is no sickness, illness, frailty or infirmity in the kingdom of God.  Right here and now, we accomplish the wholeness of Spirit and know that we are well.  We can look in the mirror of Christ consciousness and see ourselves as we really are.
I resolve to grow.  The humility of not knowing is a constant blessing.   I study the truth that sets me free.  The teachers that I need reveal themselves to me.  The books that I must read fall from wisdom’s shelves and open without prodding.  My eyes fall on the perfect words.  The students who bless me with guidance appear.  The journeys that I must take provide new paths.  The questions that I must raise ask themselves.  The epiphany of realization always blesses us.
I resolve to harvest.  We take advantage of so much that we have not worked for.  This is the season – right where we are – to reap what we have not sown.  We are enjoying so much for little that we take it for granted.  This season, I will open my eyes and experience each blessing: the beautiful apples, the smell of butternut squash soup, the rising of the sun, the solitude of the darkness, the tapestry of autumn leaves, the sound of waves at the shore.   Every day of the year, we can celebrate the harvest of the kingdom in whatever form or shape it takes.
I resolve to praise.  In fact, I praise and give thanks right now.  I give praise and thanks for health of mind, body and soul.  I give praise and thanks for my family – my marital, biological, spiritual, and work family and friends.  I give praise and thanks for the daily manna that God gives me to take care of every need.  I give praise and thanks for this country and this world and for the ability to keep everyone in the universe raised in perfect success.
I resolve to enjoy.  This is not going to be a month where I look back with regret or criticism because I enjoyed life a little too much.  I saved a little less, spent a bit more or just chilled out.  I resolve here and now that I will enjoy life – every tree, every manger, every carol, every taste of pleasure created for our benefit.  This, too, will I resolve to do each month and at every opportunity.  I will visit, celebrate, cook, dance, sing, swim, hike, run, drive, write, draw, paint, participate, preach, lift, work, walk, shop, and play by enjoying life.
In 2015, I declared that no-fault resolutions can’t go wrong because we are relieved from the responsibility of doing any more than what we will.  This re-mix recognizes that nothing is required except to lift up the awareness of Spirit moving through our lives each and every moment except to be still, and know.  In this awareness: I resolve to be one with each moment, and I let go of everyone and everything.

In letting go, I welcome each moment as a new me.

Happy New You!!!


The call to spiritual transformation is the call to freedom.

It is a prophetic call heard within the depths of the mind, heart and soul, a calling from God, resonating in our consciousness, in our environment, in each every breath that we breathe and space that we take up.

It is a voice of strength, illuminating us with faith.  It is a voice of deliverance, reminding us of our freedom.  It is a voice of power, anointing us with grace.  It is a voice of divinity, blessing us with love.  It emanates everything that embraces us: the blood in our veins, the cells in our bodies, the vision that we move forward in.

If you listen, you can hear it, feel it, touch it, taste it, dance it, sing it, clap it: an ancestral call to raise us from semi-consciousness to a state where we can see God.

Malidoma Patrice Some teaches us that “ancestors have an intimate and absolutely vital connection with the world of the living.  They are always available to guide, to teach, and to nurture.  They represent one of the pathways between the knowledge of this world and the next. . . . [T]hey embody the guidelines for . . .all that is most valuable about life.”  (Of Water and Spirit  (Putnam: New York, 1994) at p. 9)
If I am still, I can hear them distinctly – not downtrodden as they were in the physical world, but holy and divine.  Their call is one of deliverance.   It is a call heard in the midnight hour, in the rustling of the leaves, in the sip of the living water: a call to Spirit and to Truth.

It is a call that no one can stifle, even those who refuse to hear it. It is a call that is at once collective and individual. In order to recognize our worth as individuals and as a species, we must not merely hear it but respond to it. No matter what our life circumstances may be, we are always free to do so.

Enslaved Africans heard the call, and their survival is a testament to their response. God called on many of our ancestors in a profound way, and great men and women like Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth listened and acted.

Take Sojourner Truth, for example. Her spiritual transformation began when she had a vision that her former “master,” from whom she had escaped, would visit. Truth told her “mistress and master” that her former “master” would come that day and she would leave with him. Her current “owners” were surprised because they had not heard that he would come.

Sojourner Truth took her child and prepared to leave with him. As she approached him, however, she had a more compelling vision: “God revealed himself to her . . . [and showed] that He was all over — that He pervaded the Universe.”

Even though she was physically enslaved, Truth realized that “there was no place, not even in hell, where [God] was not.” When her attention was finally “called to outward things, she observed her `former master’ had left” without her and her child. She walked back into the house, “exclaiming aloud, `Oh, God, I did not know you were so big.’” (Narrative of Sojourner Truth (as told by Sojourner Truth), at 35-36)
God is big indeed–a power too awesome and all- encompassing to even conceptualize. God fills our hearts; embraces our bodies, blesses our souls, lights the sky above our heads, strengthens the earth under our feet. God is the sun and the stars and the moon.

God is the essence of life, in which we live and move and have our being. When we begin to acknowledge that God is awesome and we are made in God’s image and likeness – not a he God but male and female, according to Genesis – we open our consciousness to realize the awesomeness of our own true nature.

Harriet Tubman understood the power of the Divine and trusted in the Presence of God. She escaped enslavement herself and risked being recaptured, beaten, and killed when she returned again and again to help hundreds of Africans escape slavery in this country. Her courage and strength are indicative of her deep faith in the power of God.

During one mission in a bitter snowstorm, she found that the enslaved Africans she intended to help escape were not at their appointed meeting place. With only a tree for shelter, she did not turn back and refuse to wait in the storm. Apparently knowing God would protect her, she stood behind the tree for the entire night in the snowstorm until those she came to help arrived.

The abolitionists who wrote of this account depicted her as an ignorant child instead of a powerful spirit woman and “her people’s” trust of God as naive. But Jesus taught us that we must be childlike–that is unconditional and complete–in our trust to enter the kingdom. Harriet Tubman and many others suffered the indignity and horror of American slavery, yet the tremendous power of God kept them moving toward freedom.

Despite the beatings and other insane acts of violence against the minds and bodies of enslaved Africans in this country, no one could master them as long as they mastered their own consciousness. Even if we appear to be free, we are “slaves” to external conditions if we do not embrace our own self-worth and master our own mind, soul, and spirit.

By external conditions, I mean the things we can see with the physical eye – the appearance of poverty, the appearance of illness, the appearance of terror. Of course, these things do exist in the material world, but we do not have to be controlled by them. When we realize that God is the movement and momentum underlying all things and that we live, move, and have our being in God, we attain mastery over ourselves.

Sojourner Truth was her own master because she was directly connected with Spirit. Despite her circumstances, she was called to transform herself into a powerful leader when she realized that God is everywhere and bigger than any man-made institution or three-dimensional, time-bound realm.
God moved Sojourner Truth to sojourn for Truth in a manner that would liberate not only herself but other captured Africans. She remains a master teacher of the principle that God is much larger than any beliefs or concepts we might have – larger even than existence as we know it. Her life and the lives of other Africans in this country are a critical example, rarely acknowledged, of how the recognition of God pushes us far beyond even our greatest expectations.

Like Sojourner Truth, Nat Turner, who led a slave revolt in Virginia in 1831, was one of the greatest spiritual masters of his time. He claimed that the “Spirit” spoke to him, saying, “Seek ye the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you.” By Spirit, he meant “the Spirit that spoke to the prophets in former days. “ Turner prayed continually for two years “whenever [his] duty would permit – and . . . had the same revelation, which fully confirmed that [he] was ordained for some great purpose in the hands of the Almighty.” (The Confessions of Nat Turner, The Leader of the Late Insurrections in Southampton, Va., As fully and voluntarily made to Thomas R. Gray, Nov. 5, 1831) Turner understood that obedience to the call of God is the source of true freedom.

What do these African American prophets teach us? That when we recognize the presence of God everywhere in our lives and open our consciousness to tap God’s infinite power, we can do more than we could ever imagine – not so much for our personal gain but for the benefit of all humanity, which is where our true worth lies. We are able to taste the sweetness of freedom when we realize that there is no separation between all that we are and all that God Is.



img_5609-2This is from a previous class on the teachings of Joel Goldsmith.
Joel GoldsmithThis was taken from the 7th Section of Joel’s book
Living by Grace and from
“Evaluating Your Spiritual Progress”  which is in
the end of the 6th Section.
Joel Goldsmith 2

Join us as we listen to the divine within.

The music is several different versions of Amazing Grace by Ladysmith Black Mambazo,
Walela and a piano solo called Amazing Grace.
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EVEIn his book, DNA USA, geneticist Bryan Sykes writes that since it was “in Africa about two hundred thousand years ago that our species Homo Sapiens first emerged,” Africa is the “cradle of humanity and the ancestors of every man, woman and child on the planet began their journey under an African sun.”  Just as scientists have concluded we are all African, metaphysicians have concluded we are all one.  RACHEL 21So when Rachel Dolezal, former president of the Spokane NAACP, said she is African American, the question to her critics is how can she lie about being who she really is?

EVE4Whether Rachel lied about who she really is presents an interesting legal issue.  If DNA determines who she is, geneticists would likely find that she does have the requisite “drop” of black blood.  Rachel alluded to this when she said “We’re all from the African continent.”  Her parents disagreed.  RACHEL 31Her mom and dad from Montana said, no, she’s white like us.  Or perhaps they were really saying, no we do not associate with our African roots so we would like our daughter to shut up and stop embarrassing us before people begin to think that we’re black too.

RACHEL 32Many believe Rachel is just taking advantage of being black, reaping tons of benefits, while being able to turn white whenever convenient.  This refers to her potential to put a check in the box of one extra “protected class” under the law, which black folks know rarely results in any tangible benefits. Perhaps before she chose to be black, Rachel thought black folks got an advantage.  rachel 9She sued Howard University, claiming that the artwork of black students was favored over hers.  Her case was dismissed. David Smedley, an associate professor of sculpture and coordinator of Howard’s sculpture program, who was Rachel’s thesis adviser, rachel 11confirmed that no one questioned whether she was white because she was a blue-eyed, blond woman.  But Smedley said he hoped people would judge Rachel on the good she has done and that everyone doesn’t get caught up in vilifying Rachel. Perhaps, he says, Rachel is a catalyst to a conversation that we need to have.

Rachel 4Rachel is credited with breathing new life into the Spokane NAACP chapter, raising its visibility and membership in a white region. The NAACP, a group that is supposed to “ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination,” issued a statement saying, “[o]ne’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for N.A.A.C.P. leadership.”

rachel 13Many say that Rachel is in black face – just a superficial expression of being black.  But being black is multi-dimensional, multi-layered and multi-faceted.  There is no single black experience.  Black people are as racially diverse, socially-varied and politically complex as fingerprints.  None of us have a monopoly on being black.  We each are the pure expression of Spirit being us – in all shades of beige, brown and beautiful – from all traditions, cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

rachel 18Rachel is not the first beige person, who decided they were black.  Mezz Mezzrow, a jazz musician, preferred his African roots, which he gave expression to through the clarinet and saxophone, the folks that he chose to be with, and his determination to immerse himself in the music, life rachel 25and culture of black musicians.   Most African Americans will tell you that they have met some white folks who are blacker than black folks and some black folks who are whiter than white folks.  Like Thich Nhat Hanh says, there are some Christians who are more Buddhist than Buddhists, and some Buddhists who are more Christian than Christians.

Some say Rachel is mentally ill or simply hilarious.  For those who do, perhaps they simply do not see the rachel 5value in wanting to be black.  No one says that those who pass for white have a disease or are a joke.   To take a stand for those who are disenfranchised by not only fighting for them but by embracing every aspect of who they are requires boldness, tenacity, creativity, and courage.   To be courageous enough to be who we choose to be out of love, faith and commitment is a powerful statement, especially in a society that forbids it.

rachel 7Racism is partly the result of economic, cultural and social constructs used to separate, marginalize and denigrate based on superficial differences.  Thank you Rachel, for defying society’s racist constructs and for lifting yourself above its barriers, and for stepping out of its confines – boxes that you will not allow to contain you.   You are greater than your birth certificate, greater than your biological parents, greater than a world that tells you not to be who you truly are.  Thank you for reminding the world that we are all God’s image and likeness.  We are one.

EVE2Some say if you tell a lie, you are more prone to tell another.  But we are all proponents of the biggest lie, which is that we are separate as opposed to being one.  I recently had my DNA checked and discovered I am African and East Asian and Middle Eastern and Native American and British.   Like Rachel, I know that “one of the reasons I love D.C. the most . . . is because I was at Howard University. As a school that exists to promote Black values … it is definitely an oasis.”  rachel 30I look forward to the day when we can all celebrate those aspects of ourselves to the extent that we want to – without judgment or condemnation.  As someone wrote, “maybe it’s time we all thought of ourselves as Black.”

rachel 37A commentator in the New York Times also sums it up by saying, “I’m in social situations or on the street where I’m the only white person (actually kind of a beigey/pinky color) and the others are black (actually rachel 40different shades of chocolate color). There’s discomfort in the air. Then I say I’m actually a black lesbian trapped in a white man’s body. That seems to break the ice.”  The truth is that we can be whoever we want to be.  We are only “passing” to the extent someone else takes issue.  But we have the fundamental right and the awesome liberty to surpass the boundaries and limitations set by others: the Rachel Regrettruth is that when it comes to being who we truly are – the opinions and beliefs of others are none of our business.

We are all part of the infinite spectrum of God’s image and likeness, which is only limited by our reluctance to use the power that God breathes as us.  This is our true liberty and justice, for which Rachel should have no regrets.

See Rachel’s powerful artwork at




When you stand on the edge of pure possibility,
you can use your prayer as the impetus to fly.


alvin ailey
Alvin Ailey Collection

an excerpt from the book God is a Brown Girl Too, where God speaks as us to us, from the kingdom within . . .

Reading God is a Brown Girl Too


“I sing“Jesus loves me this I know” because it is Jesus whose teachings have taught many to step into their greatness. Jesus is the perfect manifestation of Spirit in creation.  Jesus is the divine idea of God fully expressed as humanity. There is nothing like the blood of Jesus.

Jesus TwoBut focus less on his crucifixion and more on his resurrection.

Jesus has never stopped reminding Brown Girls everywhere that you will do “even greater things” than him (John 14:12). Jesus Supper

Eat those words with as much joy as you would a trip to Red Lobster, and let them slither off your tongue like those hot cheese biscuits.”


Christ is not a person.

Jesus SixChrist is the salvation, the stature that Jesus attained to show you that God dwells in all humanity.

Paul said “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27), teaching you that Spirit is your birthright.

I sing, “Jesus on the main line, tell ’em what you want.”

But Jesus does not merely teach you to ask for what you want.  He commands that you do so — commands that you be in the right consciousness to receive it. Jesus is teaching you to step into the kingdomJesus Te of God that is within you, and know that all else — every single detail of my good will be added to you (Matt. 6:31-33).

Jesus ThreeI sing “Yes, Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me” because Jesus taught you that if you don’t have the good sense to ask in your own name, ask in his.  He said that he will serve as your proxy and your healer and your friend.

But he taught you these things so that eventually you would become wise enough to touch the hem of your own garment.

There is fish and bread for you to multiply.  There are oceans for you to walk.

There are dead among you who need to be raised.  There are stones that need to be redeemed from accusers.

elevenThere are wellsprings of living water to drink.  But I need you to stand up my daughter — in a  consciousness that realizes you have whatever it takes.  You will never be successful if you do not grasp the unlimited power that I am as you. I don’t care about your weave, your Gucci, your rock or the glitter of your rims — even your millions don’t  matter.

Only when you awaken to your true self do you step into your greatness.

It is important for everyone to study and know the truth — especially you.  Disregard those who believe that you have no right to God — for they want you to believe that you have no right to yourself. alvin ailey 4

No woman or girl should be oppressed because of those who misinterpret the truth to mean that God is male and therefore, only men are God.  I am inextricably part of each one of you in the same way that a breath is part of the wind.

flight 4You, too, are the energy of life.  There is no separation between all that I am and all that you are.  Paul was right when he said that you live, move and have your being in God.  You are my offspring  (Acts 17:28).

All of you who see me in Jesus should be aware that Jesus acknowledged me in you when he said  “I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” (John 14:20).  Jesus said that the “kingdom of God is within you”  (Luke 17:21).

Jesus not only said I and the Father are One, he also said, “you are gods” (John 10:34).

This is called oneness.

This means that there is no separation between you and Spirit.

This means that your greatness is you waiting for you to express the Absolute Good that you are. alvin ailey 3flight

Feel me at the bottom of your feet.

I am stepping through divine vibrations that I am sending from the tip of your toes up your muscles and bones — through your veins and glands — to the top of your head.

alvin ailey 2I am always in your midst as your teacher, your companion and your guide.

I always direct you, move you, lead you, speak to you, create through you, act through you, dance through you, and sing through you.

I am always there, always here, always now.




Last night, we broke bread with friends as we talked about the importance of enjoying every moment of life.  We talked about those who have gone before us and the possibility that when the great beyond summons us, we must go – no matter where we are.  But we also talked about not contributing to the summons by making poor choices that lead to gout, diabetes, kidney failure, heart attacks, and so many other diseases that we can eliminate by making good choices.  Even after we try and fail, each new moment gives us the divine opportunity to be better, live better and listen to Spirit.  If we really listen, we hear the grace that forgives us for what we didn’t do and frees us to seize the power of the present moment.  I listened, and the Holy Spirit gave me the following ten ways to seize the power of the present moment.

SAY “I AM.   One of the best ways to get centered in the consciousness of Spirit is to affirm the absolute power of your being in the I AM.  God told Moses “I AM Who I AM.”  The “I I AM 5AM” is our true identity, the restorative, healing power of God.  Whatever we add to, we give energy, strength and power to – so be careful that you imbue and infuse I AM with what you desire to see take place.  But the most pristine form of giving God praise and acknowledging God’s blessings as you is just to say “I AM.”

great 7BREATHE.  I know that you think you are breathing, but you are probably holding your breath more than you realize and not taking an opportunity to enjoy the breath of life and to allow the anointing of its divine energy to bless you.  Take three long inhalations and exhalations and with each one think of nothing but the breath of life breathing you.  Breathing is the most restorative, re-creative, healing medicine we can take.

THANK GOD.  Whenever we thank God, we open up the floodgates to allow our blessings to pour.  Not only do we reap what we sow, but Jesus said that we will be allowed to reap what we have not worked for.  When we thank God for our blessings, we begin the process of moving ourselves out of the way so that our good can manifest.kingdom 11

Haiti children 6CALL YOUR PARENTS.  We must honor those who have given us life and have dedicated their lives to make sure we enjoy it.  It doesn’t have to be a long conversation – just long enough to say “I love you, and I thank you.”  If your parents are not alive, call the person who is an elder who has blessed you and helped you and served as a surrogate parent.  If there is no one like that in your life, make friends with an elder.  They will make you remember to seize the power of the present moment.  If you are angry with your parents – or even those who have served as surrogate parents, now is the time to re-connect with them.

FORGIVE YOUR ENEMIES.  Forgiveness is not for your enemies or whoever you harbor resentment against; forgiveness is for you.  You have the power to reclaim here and now the energy that you have been giving kingdom 3away to other people – by complaining about them, resenting them, refusing to acknowledge them, and perhaps even hating them.  Forgive them here and now.  There is no time better than the present to let go, release, and surrender to the prospering power of peace.  This is not the same thing as repeating mistakes, but it is forgiving ourselves from making them and blessing whoever was involved in them so that we can move forward in our lives.

kingdom 4ASK, BELIEVE AND RECEIVE.  Asking, believing and receiving is pure energy.  This is the vibration that knows what we want, believes that the universe will provide it, opens our hearts to receive it.  God’s will always fills the present moment.  Our desires – as long as they are not hurtful or harmful to anyone – are God’s will because it is in our soul to demonstrate them.  All we have to do is ask the universe and we are instantly blessed by our desires.  Our desires do not only bless us, they bless others too.

DRINK WATER.  Water is the energy of life.  We owe it to our bodies to replenish its source and to fill our muscles with its strength.  If we bless our water before we drink it, we fill it with the nourishing, cleansing, healing restorative power that it will give our bodies.  If we want to lose weight, we must drink water because that is the only way that excess fat is removed from our bodies.  If we want clear skin, we must drink water.  If we want greater energy, we must drink water.  Water cannot be replaced by coffee, tea, soda, wine, or juice.  Drink your water in each sacred moment that you remember.great 4

ownership 6BE HONEST.  Honesty heals all wounds, all disease, all fear.  When we are honest, we don’t worry about what we shall eat.  We don’t overeat.  We don’t eat foods that are poisonous to our bodies.  We don’t abuse substances or do anything that would not allow our temples of the living God to flourish.  We must move our bodies each day to make them stronger.  We have to work hard but also rest.

LOVE.  There is no greater power than love.  Love heals all wounds.  Love prospers all lives.  Love climbs all mountains.  Loves lifts us up where we belong – as the song says.  If we can take one moment each day and love, we will begin the process of healing the entire planet.  All we have to do is send forth the energy of love and allow it to move through us as us.  All we have to do is love.  When we love, we allow the ultimate reality of our being to take place – that is we move out of God’s way and allow God to express God’s love as us.

CREATE.  God didn’t create the universe in seven days and then stop.  God continues to create the universe in and as us.  We are sometimes afraid to create, afraid to push beyond our comfort zones, afraid to taste the begin 11sweetness of being who we truly are, afraid to take the bull by the horns, afraid to defy convention by stepping outside what is expected of us – or that we expect of ourselves – to do and to be the extraordinary beings that we are.  Creativity allows us to enter the vortex of inexhaustible supply and be used by the universe in a new way.  “In this moment, I AM . . . .”  Now is the time for you to finish the sentence.


After I have hibernated for winter and surrendered to the solitary space of waiting, springtime draws me out to celebrate the birth of new days.  After over 50 years of this ritual, I anticipate this period of reckoning, so I spend winter making the appropriate sacrifices – doing whatever is necessary to allow God’s good to take shape before the weather breaks.  It’s tax time.  It’s Lenten time.  It’s the awkwardweightlifting two time of removing our outer skin of coats and jackets and scarves to face what’s underneath.  It’s time to sigh when we open wide our closets and really focus for the first time on everything that we’ve accumulated over the last nine months or last nine years: stuff that needs to be sorted, fixed, healed, or discarded.  Springtime is the gift that Spirit gives us to tidy up loose ends so we can go on about our business.  It’s the grace that God blesses us with – to move out of tomorrow’s way.

When we emerge from our winter caves, we know what changes we need to make deep down inside, even if we are not yet courageous enough to make them. Spring is our first baby step full of the sweet breezes of pollen, seeds, and raindrops to remind us that we’ve got work to do.  Regardless of what it is – if we plant the right seeds of intention, we don’t really have to worry about making God’s gifts grow. The universe will push the buds beneath the earth, dig roots deep into the soil and form whatever we were summoned to create.  As long as we water, prune, weed, and fertilize – new life will manifest itself.  All we really have to do is lay the groundwork and move out of God’s way.

Mariandale 2We realize even more that we are here for a reason when we have to pay tribute to those who did not make it to new seasons.  Two close friends, Mark Fant and William Blakely, not much older than 45, finished their work and made their transition two weeks ago – never to see springtime again in the way that they used to.  We mourn the fact that we will not see them anymore and try to wrap our arms around the precious things that life teaches us. “Live life to the fullest,” the March winds whisper. “You never know when your time is up.  Have you loved enough?pRAYER 10  Have you given your best?   Have you listened to the Holy Spirit?”  We’re in this habit of ignoring God, but when Spirit carries someone’s breath to other realms – we are forced to pay attention. Now is the time to listen.

God is a Lawyer TooSpirit called me to write my third book and have it ready by springtime.  God is a Lawyer Too: Ten Laws of Unlimited Success will be presented for the first time at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler next week, by the Practicing Attorneys for Law Student Association, on Thursday, on March 29, 2012, at 6:00 PM.  RSVP at  

The book tells the story of a man who learns to listen to the universe to discern the gifts that he was given and to be courageous enough to claim his blessings.  So often we stay in one place simply because we refuse to move outTen Laws of Unlimited Success of God’s way so that absolute good can be expressed through us.  We are foolish enough to believe that we are here to serve our own will, but we are actually here to bless countless people – those we could never even imagine.  The book and its accompanying workbook gives us ten laws to put into practice in order spring 4to plant the seeds of unlimited success and witness their growth.

I am grateful that one of my friends carries the book everywhere she goes. She has an advance copy, but it’s now on sale at   God is a Lawyer Too helps us exercise the power that we have to put our lives by consciously aligning ourselves with Spirit.  When we realize the kingdom that God has given us to create, plant and birth – we know that perfect, divine orderBible 6 is present in all things. 

In Mark 4:26-28, Jesus says “A man scatters seed on the ground.  Night and day, whether he sleeps or whether he gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he doesn’t know how.  All by itself, the soil produces grain – first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head.”  That is what Discover the Powerhappens in springtime.  A seed is organized potential – the spiritual movement from the invisible to the visible.  It is that dream, that desire, that longing, that vision that is buried but merges into the subconscious and continues to move and grow until it manifests itself.  This middle ground is the perfect, divine order – the process, the divine mystery, the darkness between every beginning and every ending that we simply have to trust. 

It is always time to face the fact that God really is here.  But spring is a great reminder that all we have to do is our part, then move out of the way so that God can do the rest.

SPIRITMUV Photo FourNamaste,

Cecilia Loving

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The other day, I received some sage advice from a seventh grader. The Pikesville Peak Winter 2012 Edition features a front page article written by my niece Christa Loving, for those “in the middle point in [their] life.” Christa wrote that when you are in the “middle point” in your life, “[y]ou can make it the best time of your life or the worst.”


Cecilia and ChristaI believe that this seventh grade wisdom is applicable to your life, regardless of whether you are twelve or ninety-two – or any age in the “middle.” We are all in the “middle” of something, and we can make it the best time of our life or the worst. So I was interested in sharing Christa’s perspective, who wrote that even though she was “new to Pikesville, [she does] know a little bit about how to survive middle school.”


In summary, Christa offers the following words of wisdom:


What Are You Calling YourselfBe Yourself:  Be your “crazy, original, happy, and loving self.” This rings true for all of us. We have to listen to the inner voice of Spirit and be receptive to whatever makes us uniquely us. We were all called to do something phenomenal.  As Jeremiah taught us, God said “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” (Jeremiah 5:1).


Hold HandsDon’t Let Anyone or Anything ‘Slow Your Roll’:   You can use being bullied and being picked on to “become stronger” and no matter what, “do not let people get [you] down.” Nothing and no one can prevent us from receiving the absolute good that the universe has in store for us. As Paul says in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”


doveDon’t Think You Know Everything:   There’s always an opportunity to “learn new things, so don’t waltz into 6th grade acting like you know EVERYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING.” It’s important to
“[c]ome in like everybody else with an open-to-learning mind. No one wants to hang around someone who thinks they are a know-it-all.” (Emphasis in Original)  This is consistent with what Job concluded when he said that “we were born only yesterday and know nothing” (Job 8:9)). We are in a constant state of growth and transformation. As Jesus said, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about” (John 4:32)). We are smartest when we allow ourselves to be fed not only the food of flesh and of intellect but also of spiritual substance – realizing that the Holy Spirit will “teach [us] all things” – more than we can ever begin to imagine (John 14:26).


TCreating Outside the Box Oneake Advantage of What You Don’t Know to Make New Friends:   Asking questions like “where is this class” or “can you help me with my locker” are perfect ways to make friends. “[B]e open to meeting new people: don’t stay stuck in a little cult.” You have to “be bold and walk up to people” and “hang out with as many people as possible.” Jesus said it another way, he said “love one another” (John 13:34). When we love one another, we are compassionate about their feelings; we get to know them; we make time for them; we celebrate them; we help them push through the rough spots; we hold their hand when they need companionship; we praise them when they need uplifting; we forgive them when they’ve made a mistake.


Windows of HeavenDon’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions:   Don’t worry about being made fun of for asking questions. You are probably asking the question that several other people want to ask. Jesus said “ask and you will receive” (John 16:24).   When we open up our minds and are receptive to the universe, we receive certain questions because they are necessary to push us farther along the path. Our questions themselves are blessings, and if we fail to follow up on them, we don’t open the door to that channel of good.


IBible 7t’s Cool to be Smart:   “Bad grades are not cool! Try to be the smartest. So what if people say ‘you’re some kind of smarty pants.’ Take that as a compliment. You’ll be the one who becomes that millionaire everyone dreams of being. If people say you’re a nerd, those people will end up working for you most likely.” In 2 Chronicles 1:11-12, God said to Solomon, “Since this is your heart’s desire and you have not asked for wealth, possessions or honor, nor for the death of your enemies, and since you have not asked for a long life but for wisdom and knowledge to govern my people over whom I have made you king, therefore wisdom and knowledge will be given you. And I will also give you wealth, possessions and honor, such as no king who was before you ever had and none after you will have.” Wisdom is the greatest wealth we can have. The best wisdom we get is from God, and when we seek first God’s Kingdom, all else will be given – including wealth, leadership and divine ideas.


Eagle BayKeep Your Cool Peer pressure is not good. You have to be an independent thinker. At one extreme, peer pressure may cause you to “do something dangerous”; at the other extreme, it can also make you do something like “skipping class” or “hitting someone.” Regardless, “it’s not good. It can get you into serious trouble if you mess with the wrong person. So always keep your cool.” Jesus said “Peace, be still!” (Mark 4:39). Being cool requires us to realize that God is the only leader that we need to follow, in a peaceful, graceful, loving mood.




Cecilia Loving


Join us every Sunday, at 2:30 P.M. at the Unity Center of NYC, located at 213 West 58th Street, between 7th Avenue and Broadway.