Also giving honor to Yemi Alade’s song “Wonder Woman”
excerpted here from her 2017 Album Black Magic which
can be purchased on i-Tunes

With a crown of wisdom, she is a weaver of dreams, a welder of opportunities, a molder, a shaper, a creator of endless possibilities.
Her eyes see beyond messiness, beyond confusion, beyond hatred to the pure potential of a future without judgment – with a vision clear enough to appreciate our differences of color, race, age, gender, expression, orientation, culture, lineage, thought, history, pain, blame, and shame.
Her mouth tastes the sweetness of prophecy, refraining only from the profanity of doubt, fear, disbelief, and despair.
Oh Wonder Woman, whose tongue speaks in the sound of oneness that all embryos know as soon as they are born, whose lips part with the truth that makes the world a better place, whose ears listen deeply to innovate ideas – like music making change, like jazz/gospel/blues/rap/be-bopping the sound of success, whose arms carry the persecuted, the sick, the possessed, the demonized, the blind, the traumatized.
You whose hands fold nothing but answered prayers. Your fingers touch the hem of every miracle. Your fists fight as warriors against every injustice, every poverty, every discrimination, every disease. You whose shoulders are broad enough to carry generations, whose heart is as great as every religion, every faith, every creed.
Oh Wonder Woman, Oh Hannah, Sarah, Hagar, Esther, Rachel, Ilana, Dianne, Sephardi, Mizrahi, Alysa, Oh Mary, Martha, Oh Sojourner, Harriet, Oh Maya, Oh Revital, Oh Perri, Oh, Aixa,
Oh Shanell, Oh Stephanie, Oh Sheri, Oh Mignon, Oh Lanesha, Oh Victoria, Oh Tamaya, Oh Miriam, Oh Malou, Oh Tara, Oh Gina, Oh Diana, Oh Mara, Oh Melinda, Oh Tamar, Oh Tal, Oh Myrtle, Oh Leslie, Oh Cassia, Oh Ruby, Oh Tali,
Oh nameless woman at the well, who gave birth to prophets and leaders and doctors and geniuses and gods and queens and kings, you who carry worlds in your loins.

Oh Wonder Woman, you who communicate across bandwidths and airwaves. You who heal lives. You who unite professionals. You who enact laws. You who build bridges. You who restore properties. You who develop lands.

You who serve as Council.  You who serve on the Senate. You whose age does not matter. You who close the wounds of trauma. You who break the mold.

Rev. Loving speaking on Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes on the Mount of Beatitudes at the Sea of Galilee

You who shift the shape. You who preserve truth. You who lead colleges. You who manifest King’s Dream and then some.

Rev. Loving preparing to baptize at the Sea of Galilee

You who do the greater things that we are all called to do.
You who will not be touched or groped or violated anymore. You who are not limited to a hash tag because your magnificence makes the “me” – us.
Us Wonder Woman of glorious hope, us days are not our own, they are for greater purpose and realms of pure potential, dancing with the amazing grace that we have been summoned to restore, washing away inequity,
cleaning the disparity, dispensing with the terror, righting the wrong, healing the anger,
baptizing the anointed, holding the light for peace for generations to come.
We are Wonder Women because we are strong enough to know that one day, there will be peace, and we are bold enough and brilliant enough to behold its magnificence, find its forgiveness, bury its fault, and teach it, nurse it, and feed it from the same bosom that breathes every single soul that ever was and ever will be.
As my Mother would say, may our Circle be unbroken.

(“Wonder Women Poem,” presented in Jerusalem, Israel on May 31, 2018 at the MASHAV International Women’s Conference)

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