Nothing supports our efforts to be inclusive, just or fair more than mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the only process that allows us to cleanse our inner demons and quiet our inner fears enough to transform our consciousness to one that respects, accepts and appreciates others.

Mindfulness releases the toxic energy of always wanting to be right, of always trying to control outcomes, of always judging others.

When we breathe in love and breathe our light, we cleanse our souls, we deepen our awareness, and we transform our consciousness to a fuller appreciation of our oneness with everyone and everything.

We generally value our differences. We enter the world screaming for attention, for someone to nurture and allow us to evolve into the unique individuals that we were called to be.

But as infants, we are also aware that we belong, and if we have the right parents, they give us the tools that we need to hone our gifts and talents so that we can contribute as an authentic and valuable member of humanity.

We are safe in our families, safe in our tribes, safe in our communities, safe in the world because we are in tune with who we are, but also because we are one with those around us.
Inclusion is the balance of being and belonging. Inclusion is the supportive glue that reminds us of our unique participation in this family called humanity, how we are separate only in appearances, but at our core, we are one family, one synergy of love, one spirit called love.

Exclusion never allows us to be our best.

Exclusion dis-members our separate parts until we are no longer whole.

The Truth is that we are whole.  We are one.  We are love.
Only that truth will set us free, no matter who we are or what we look like.


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