Matthew 5:6 says “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.”

We know that Jesus is not talking about food – unless it is manna – the food of life that never stops feeding us – that always provides what we need.

We know that we are not talking about drink unless we are talking about living water – the water that we may drink of and never thirst again.
We know that we are not talking about something or someone who is self-righteous because a consciousness that only sees its own greatness in the flesh fails to realize the pure power of God.

In his book Discover the Power Within, Eric Butterworth says righteousness means “right thinking.”  He says it would be so much easier to go through the motions – to just go to church and praise God and sing in the choir and serve as an usher – and never change our minds or transform our consciousness to realize the power, the true power that God has given us to think, do and be righteousness.

We have to become immersed in our desire to do the good that God calls us to do, so immersed that we are completely connected with Spirit – so connected that we don’t sweat the small stuff because we are focused on the big stuff.

We can be so caught up in our daily routine – the small stuff that we forget to look to the hills; we forget to rise above; we forget that we were aiming for something greater – so much greater than what we are doing and feeling and even fearing.  We forget that God is in charge and God will work out the details in perfect divine order when we are focused, when we have clarity – when we let go and let God – FOR THEY – WE SHALL BE FILLED.
Paul said that we shall be transformed by the renewal of our minds – through right thinking.  Right or Positive thinking is part of the unlimited power of God.

Emmett Fox says that if our right thinking is clouded – if we are not being transformed or are progressing as fast as we would like, we must do a few things:

  1. Hold onto only harmonious thoughts
  2. Do not dwell on mistakes or mis-haps
  3. Do not worry about how long it takes
  4. Claim the presence of God within us
  5. Claim wisdom, claim power, claim wealth
  6. Stop continuing bad habits
  7. Forgive and let go
  8. Release hatred and contempt
  9. Release poison and jealousy
  10. Entertain the possibility of something different
    If we take one step, God will take two.

When we hunger and thirst – the mere activity stirs up the power of God and fulfills the filling process of satisfying our needs.

Our greatest power is always here.

We only fail to realize it when we generate fear because fear will only help create fear.   What are we creating for ourselves?

So often we just go through the motions.  We stop.  We forget. We deny ourselves.  We disown the God in us.  We try to prevent ourselves from moving forward.  We even blame it on age.  (There is no gene for aging; we made that up!)
Let’s stop drawing to ourselves the things that we fear we must suffer and start creating for ourselves to joy that God intends us to create as us.

We never had to leave the Garden of Eden – never.  We left because of our desire to punish ourselves – and we stay out because of our continued desire to be unworthy, to be sinners.

We sin when fail to realize God the only power that there is inside of us.
God is bigger than the Republicans.  God is greater than any government .  God is more powerful than the world.  God is not limited by the polls or governed by the economy.

God is the full expression of absolute good through every aspect of our being.

[Images are by blind GIF artist George Redhawk]

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