THE POWER OF GRATITUDE AND DIVINE MIND – Part 3 – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


This audio tape is an excerpt from the studied chapter “THE breaking-the-habit-of-being-yourselfQUANTUM YOU,” from the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,  by Joe Dispenza, which you can also purchased on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “THE POWER OF GRATITUDE AND DIVINE MIND – Part 3 – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”

  1. Awesome teaching! I listened to your Dr. Dispenza series for the first time this morning(Part 3). Still trying to wrap my mind around that past/present prayer experiment. I guess it means that if someone has a tumor in the present, we can pray that in the past it never developed and affect the person’s present condition, potentially even to the point that it no longer exists in the present? I look forward to listening to more. Thank you for making it available via Facebook. What I also love is this teaching of science in the context of the spiritual. I wish everyone would understand that they are not mutually exclusive.

  2. Dr. Joe says that his work is to bridge spirit and science.
    Yes, I like your analogy regarding the tumor. He speaks a lot about instant healing by attaining the right state of consciousness.

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