I cannot tell you enough that my power, that eternal presence of me that can best be called love, has a lot less to do with what you get and is generated far more by what you give.


When you love as me, your energy of love multiplies in the universe without end and resonates in the hearts of everyone.  You can never truly experience it pouring, streaming, and flowing into your life until you give it.  It is like chocolate, only sweeter.


You can never receive chocolate until you first open up and let it in.  The more you close your heart to love and try to be selfish and condescending and frugal and afraid, the greater you seal the door shut against all your own blessings.


Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not promoting candy.  In fact, I am wary of your resistance, those times when your door is shut to me – you try to fill yourself up with chocolate, and soda pop, and cake, and cookies, and ice cream, and pie, and all of life’s artificial sweeteners and stimulants and intoxicants.  I want you to be receptive to my sweetness.  I am sweeter than any source known to humanity, and I am calorie-free.  You can enjoy as much of me as you wish without a trip to the doctor, the dentist or the dietician.  I am your health and your wholeness, your peace and your contentment.  I am the only love that you need, and I am the only love that can satisfy you.


John is correct that whoever does not love does not know God because I am love.  I am reciprocal – give and take.  My love is not romance but an open response to all that you give of you.  My love is infinite in your life here and after.  I am sweeter and more lasting than chocolates, more lasting than a relationship in the flesh.  I am always blessing you, always protecting you, always answering your prayers, always giving you what you need.


My love for you is magnified by your love for each other.  Are you demonstrating my good in order to take care of someone else’s needs or just worried about your own?  Are you doing whatever you can through the power that I AM to transform all that is violent, cruel and cold to what is loving, peaceful, forgiving?  Are you ready to stop suffering?  Are you compassionate to those around you?  Are you feeding the poor, clothing the needy, healing the sick – or doing whatever you can to put an end to them?   I will end your strife in the world when you end strife in your heart.  I will only do for you what I can demonstrate through you.


Are you expressing me within you or just waiting for Valentine’s Day?  Are you trying to find the right person, or trying to be the right person? The question never is what have you done for me lately but what can I do for you now?  How can I make you laugh?  How can I ease your burden?  How can I lift your spirit?  How can I heal your soul?  How can I ease your despair and walk with you to the healing pool of your redemption?  How can I remind you of the blessing that you are?  How can I be sweeter to you than chocolate? 


I am the beginning and end of your love story.


Rights are always reserved.
Rev. Loving

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