eye 24Meditation is the most important way to experience God.

The only way to silence our voices – both within and without – and connect with the divine everywhere present is to be still.  In the stillness, weHEALING 11 realize the presence of God expressing as us.

“Who are we,” you might ask, “to commune with the creator of heaven and earth?”  We are God’s image as wisdom and God’s likeness as love: an amazing creation of God expressing as us.

Each time we breathe, we are given a gift to perceive God in a new way.

Meditation is the silence that we breathe God in and the moment in which we know that we are God.

great 7We are one with the same creative consciousness that breathed as us the breath of life, endlessly expressing as one.

Without meditation, we forget we are more than the bodies that give shelter to Spirit.  We are more than the body  temples that dance in the soul.ownership 6

The Psalmist said the “meditation of my heart shall give understanding.” (Psalm 49:3)

Understanding does not merely come through endless expressions of source everywhere present, it comes from source itself.

We can do a holy dance and pray loudly all day, but until we surrender to the silence, we cannot hear God.

But when we meditate, we transcend the physical realm and reconnect with the great power that is always available to us.  God is here.  God is inside each pause.  God is on the back of dreams.

God is in the channel re-opened.  God is between the cracks of every prayer.  God is the incredible moment when we forget both words and thoughts.

Meditation is home no matter where we are.  Meditation is the open door where all that we have sought lies waiting.

GBGII 2012 BBBThe truth is that we don’t meditate enough.  We slow down long enough, and go within further enough, and get quiet long enough, and listen deeply enough,
and surrender well enough to participate in God’s meditation as us.ownership 12

Meditation aligns us with the spiritual energies that support our co-creative work of love, peace and liberty for all.

Perfect divine opportunity energizes us.  Perfect divine order guides us.  Perfect divine abundance blesses us.

Meditation is the place where perfect divine miracles await us.


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