On my way into the New York Sports Club this morning, I was moved by their current promotion.  A big sign out front reads “Re-Resolution Sale.” It is a great reminder to get back on track.  Even if we have not done the things that we resolved to do, we can still get back on target.

weight lifting oneRe-resolution provides a second chance to get it right. Re-resolution allows us to re-trace our steps and re-dedicate ourselves to the mission we were committed to when we first began. Even if we swore to abide by our resolutions and then failed, re-resolution re-opens our desire to ask again and receive; to seek again and find; to knock again and allow the door to be opened.

mountain oneRe-resolution re-ignites our faith to start all over again. As a colleague was telling me last night: when we make it to the top of our mountain, we only find ourselves at the bottom of another one – realizing a resilient determination to face new heights.

moutain threeRe-resolution is the opportunity to re-create ourselves with a new determination, a new chutzpah, a new energy, a new strength, a new resolve. Re-resolution fills us with a new appetite, a new hunger, a new thirst for renewal.

I start my day by working out each morning – except for Sundays. That means I get up at 5:00 A.M. and go to the gym.  It’s like brushing my teeth; I have to do it – or I just won’t feel right. But I didn’t develop that discipline over night. It took about ten years of resolving and then re-resolving until one day — with the foundation of trial and error under my feet, I did it. That day turned into months. Those months turned into years.

mountain fourThe good news is that re-resolving – that is starting and then messing up and then starting all over again – is all part of the process. We only know what we need to do to stay on track when we’ve had the experience of falling off.

Re-resolution was what Lazarus did, when he rose from the dead.  Jesus deserves some credit, but he teaches that it is by our faith that we are made whole.  It was Lazarus who got up.  Jesus says “these and greater things shall you do.”  In other words, you shall rise from your mat by the pool of BethesdaYou have been wanting to see without success, but now you’re going to see beyond the appearances into the power of Creating Outside the Box Onerenewed possibility — because of your faith. You are going shake the dust off your feet and re-claim the resurrection of the extraordinary in the ordinary course of your day.  You are going to walk the water of your success.

GBGIIFor the last few years, I have been using the God is a Brown Girl Too retreat to re-solve, re-invigorate and re-create. This year’s theme of “Tell a New Story” introduces the pure potential of the Holy Ghost power that is constantly expressing and re-creating as us. All we have to do is re-claim it. All we have to do is re-member it. All we have to do is re-resolve that this is a special time of re-establishing who we are in this journey called life. This is the time to re-resolve that we can cross the finish line with the wind at our backs and victory on our breath.  This is the time to go within and pray as though we really will get everything that we ask for, and then some – and then some more.  Join us.

SPIRITMUV Photo FourNamaste,

Cecilia Loving

Join us every Sunday, at 2:30 P.M. at the Unity Center of NYC, located at 213 West 58th Street, between 7th Avenue and Broadway.

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