Leap and I Will Catch You By Cecilia Loving

You are the breath of the wind.
Your freedom is inside your soul.
You leap in and out of spaces wearing the songs of endless creations.
You cannot be measured, defined or contained.
Your season is here.
You are enough — right where you are.  You are beautiful enough. You are rich enough. You are creative enough.   You are wise enough.  You are good enough.  You don’t have to find your so-called “soul mate“: I AM your soul mate. Nothing in the external world completes you.  Your  job doesn’t complete you. It is but one of many paths to give and grow in consciousness.  Your cars don’t complete you. Your  clothes, bags, shoes don’t complete you. Your titles don’t  complete you, nor do the degrees, nor do the trophies of life that you collect. When you let go of all of the stuff that you use to validate who you are, you will begin to see that your mission, your calling, your deepest desire will always be enough to sustain you.   All you have to do is leap, and I will be there to catch you.
I AM your season.  I am not based on the economy.  Quit shaking from the illusion of instability.  I am the only stable force that there is.
Release the material.  Be courageous enough to recreate your life with a new consciousness.  You are emerging from old wine skins  imply because they can no longer contain you.  You are new wine.
Your new wine is bold, unrestricted, imaginative and daring enough to walk, dance, step, leap beyond the person that you thought you were to express the infinite possibility that I AM calling you to be.  You have not yet begun to taste the joy that my Spirit is blessing you with, the good that I long to unfold through you, the light that the universe needs to shine as you.
Your new wine pushes you outside of complacency — to unfold a new vision — one that no longer compares you to others but realizes that I made each one of you wonderful, unique beings, blessed with the abundance of inexhaustible supply.
This is your season.  I am calling you to let go of everything and everyone, to leave the mediocre, the mundane and the material, and to stand fully and completely as you are —  aware of your greatness.  When you are in tune to me expressing as you, you will find  yourself above the fray.  Your gifts and talents will be expressed in greater ways than you can yet imagine.  You will give more.  You will be better.  You will know that you are one with a power that is stronger than anything in the physical realm.  This  awareness is the only thing that you need for wings.  You are the blessing that you seek.
Even if you feel pressed, pushed against the wall, blinded by the debt of defeat, now is not the time to fear, or worry, or  wallow; now is the time to be the children of God, the heirs to the throne, the greatness that you are.  Now is the time to know within every aspect of your being that you are made in my image and likeness, and that right where you are standing is holy ground.
Right in your soul is a love without boundaries, a love that beckons you to experience who you really are instead of who you used to be.

You may be forced to discard old jobs, old conditions, old circumstances, old relationships, old places, old doubts.  But your release of the old is merely allowing you to take a leap to new heights.
You don’t need a big space to take off from.  All you need is the space in your heart to trust that I am not simply inside of your prayers.  I am inside of all that is –– appearing in the vortex of your clasped hands.
I am the air.  I am the sky.  I am your wings.   All you have to do is leap, and I will carry you the rest of the way.
© 2011 by Cecilia Loving from the book God is a Brown Girl Too, where Spirit speaks directly through the souls of women of color.
Learn more about God is a Brown Girl Too at www.godisabrowngirltoo.webs.com.

3 thoughts on “Leap and I Will Catch You By Cecilia Loving”

  1. Love the hyperlinks to your inspirational expressions Cecilia.
    The intuition that came up for me while reading your powerful message is ” Life is not running out. Life is running in!”

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