Center yourself for a moment in the silence,
breathing in and breathing out the divine presence,
in which we live and move and have our being.
And allow yourself to turn on and tap into the love that is everywhere present,
the success that is everywhere present,
the healing and the joy that is everywhere present.
Feel the love of the Spirit anoint you with the peace, the wholeness, and the divine flow lifting you in the light of all you desire,
all you long for, all that you are
and let us join together
for Liz’s Power Prayer of Clarity, Courage and Success.

 I lift my mind, my spirit and my soul above those appearances in the material world,
above any thoughts of lack, or doubt, or limitation, or fear,
and I release any worries of not having enough.
I not only release these appearances for myself —
but also for others.
There is only one channel for my good.
It is not from a job; it is not from a person; it is not from a situation;
it is not from a paycheck; it is not from the lottery;
it is not from a hunch; it is not from the economy; it is not even from the President.
My good comes from the inexhaustible source of God,
from Spirit, from Love, from Divine Mind,
which has no limitation, no boundaries, no assumptions,
no end to the blessings that anoint me, protect me,
empower me, encourage me, lift me,
and guide me to be the fullest expression of greatness in all that I AM.

I have perfect clarity about what to do in every situation.
I look to the hills and I see from whence my help comes.
I judge not by the appearances of things,
but I know that God is always guiding me in the perfect divine order of success.
The words that I need to speak come to me with grace and love
and when they fall from my heart and my lips,
I know that God has anointed them with compassion and wisdom.
I AM a blessing to all whom I meet because
they feel the love of my faith pour from my heart and soul
with exactly what they need to hear, when they need to hear it.

I do not worry
because I know that I, of myself, can do nothing,
so I let go and allow God to do the work
through me
that needs to be done.
Spirit gives me a courage and a boldness and a conviction
that I have never known before.
The answers that I need baptize me
with the light of order,
the energy of enlightenment,
and the success of perfect peace.

My loved ones, my family, my friends, and my acquaintances
are blessed through the magnitude of this moment
because through my prayers
they, too, are given the honesty
that they need to transform their lives by speaking truth to power,
by recognizing that they too
can accomplish — not merely their basic needs,
but magnificent joy with God.

 Today, I have the clarity, the courage and
the success that I need
to move through the appearances of all obstacles
as a dynamic child of God.
And all of those within the sound of my voice,
the tenderness of my heart,
and the embrace of my soul
feel the good that I AM
and open the door
to everything that they long for,
seeking and finding their success,
asking and receiving their good.

And so it is, and so be it.



Copyright 2009 by Cecilia Loving
Spiritual Leader of SPIRITMUV (
www.spiritmuv.com) and Author of Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness (www.prayersontheedge.com).
SPIRITMUV SERVICES ARE EACH SUNDAY, AT 2:30 PM, at the Unity Center of New York City, located at 213 West 58th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway.

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