Close your eyes
and center yourself for a moment in the silence,
breathing in and breathing out the divine presence in which
we live and move and have our being.

Allow yourself to turn on and tap into
the Spirit, lifting you, guiding you,
directing you, blessing you in all that you are.
And center with me in Wendy’s power prayer of gratitude.

I am grateful for the presence of God
penetrating, surrounding, recreating,
being every aspect of who I AM.

I am grateful for the presence of Love,
and know that the only way that I can define
the power and the purpose
in which I live and move and have my being
is Love.

I am grateful that in the wonderful flow
of Love, there really is no separation between
the perfect harmony of Universal Source, Inexhaustible Supply,
Unlimited Abundance, and all that I AM.

I am grateful that this Divine Energy constantly
moves through my life to manifest all that I desire
with the Peaceful Grace of Spirit,
never late, always blessing me
in an Order that is perfect.

I am grateful that I AM One
with this perfect order of God in all of my affairs,
healing me, anointing me, lifting to me, restoring me,
giving me the gifts that I need, the body that I need,
the supply that I need, the health that I need,
the energy that I need, the opportunity that I need,
the regenerative ideas that I need to accomplish
my greatest good.

I am grateful for what has not yet manifested
because it is teaching me faith,
it is expanding my consciousness,
and it is revealing to me the unlimited
channels of God that are always unfolding
something better.

I am grateful to be able to center
in the heart of Spirit to allow the complete joy
of the vortex of my desires
to manifest the things that I desire.

I am grateful that in this consciousness,
I let go of trying to control
the outcome because I know my good is already mine.

I am grateful that I could do even greater
things than Jesus because it makes me realize
the phenomenal potential that I have been given.

I am grateful that in this enlightenment
of pure possibility, all of my good takes shape,
all of my blessings flow, all of my prosperity anoints me,
all of my dreams come true.

I allow the good that I ask for to take shape.
I see that it is in the heart of God.
I feel it.  I hold it.  I embrace it.
I love it.  I enjoy it.  I create it.  I receive it.

And I am grateful.

And so it is, and so be it.



Copyright 2009 by Cecilia Loving
Spiritual Leader of SPIRITMUV
(www.spiritmuv.com) and Author of Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness (www.prayersontheedge.com).
SPIRITMUV SERVICES ARE EACH SUNDAY, AT 2:30 PM, at the Unity Center of New York City, located at 213 West 58th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway.

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