PRAYER FOR EDEN – October 2009

ownership 8

I AM One with Divine Source.
I AM One with Infinite Supply.
Nothing and no one interferes with my good — not even me.
I refuse to cheat myself from receiving the inexhaustible prosperity
that Spirit blesses me with.
I refuse to cheat myself from all the love of the Kingdom of God within.
I refuse to cheat myself from not listening to and doing what God calls me to do.

Eden is blessed today.  He is lifted in the consciousness of all that Spirit is.
He is anointed with new wisdom and new favor and begins to unfold the greatness of God in all that he does.
He puts on a new self today, resurrected and reborn in the Love and Wisdom and Peace and Protection of God.
There is nothing that he does not accomplish, nothing that he does not attract, nothing that he does not co-create through the unlimited energy of the divine blessings that keep blessing him and his family and all of the people that he loves and who loves him.
He wears the power of his name and becomes a media sensation of all good, all power, all love, all wisdom, all success, all victory.
Money, fame and fortune anoint him with a life that he cannot even begin to imagine.
Each and every time his name — the name of universal love and peace —  is spoken, his blessings will multiply.

This week, we are blessed in speaking his name and affirming the greatness that he is.
Our blessings, our favor, our power, our desires also manifest.
And we too manifest the joy of everlasting success!





Spiritmuv is a nondenominational church which meets every Sunday at 2:30 PM, 213 West 58th Street in NYC, to share prayer, song, reflections, meditation, metaphysical lessons, and spiritual enlightenment.

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