When was the last time you cleansed your mind?

good 5 Just like our physical bodies require a daily cleansing regimen, so do our minds.

It’s amazing how our minds collect so much internal clutter and mental grime — accumulated over time from the daily mental stresses, disappointments and negative thoughts floating through our consciousness.

Proverbs 23:7 says, as “a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, or as I like to affirm, “as a woman thinketh in her heart, so is she.” This means that whatever you allow to occupy in your thought pattern is what you will eventually become, so you must to cleanse your mind in order to reflect your best self.

Before I discovered the transformative power of a mental cleansing, I, like so many other people, was not in the habit of clearing my consciousness of fear, doubt and lack.  I failed to scrub away the mental residue and dead cells of a consciousness that clogged my creativity, concentration and discernment.  Years of negative self talk and verbal attacks from others had resulted in layers of dirty, self-defeating thought patterns and habits.

For most of my adult and career life, I was oblivious to the universal principle of cause and effect as it relates to the body of thoughts which together form my consciousness and my resulting life experiences.  I had read Paul’s scripture, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2), but I had never really focused on what those words meant.

Looking back I realize more than ever how I was constantly worrying about everything and everyone, every situation and each encounter.  Without the benefit of a spiritual cleansing, my life began to mirror the battle ground of my mind instead of the peace of my soul.  My life began to reflect my inner struggles, self-doubt and persistent pain.  Indecisiveness became middle name.

I worried about what others had to say about my career choices, relationships and even my dreams.  I worried about my brother’s drug addiction.  I worried about my father’s alcoholism.  I worried about my mother’s health.  But my habit of worrying about the appearances of things  did not help me or the people who I was worried about.  Instead, their challenges became painful distractions that usurped my energy, focus, clarity, and commitment.

Until I discovered how to cleanse my mind with the help of Spirit, I could not help anyone.  I remained trapped in unproductive roles.  For example, I starred as the enabling sister, the distraught daughter, and frantic friend.   I lost myself in fighting everyone else’s battles except my own.  In hindsight, I realized that by allowing all of other folks’ stuff to cloud my consciousness, I could lose myself in the defeat of depression because I was really helpless to help anyone until I could first help myself.  I was drowning in the depths of inadequacy because I did not have the strength to redeem others.  But I should have been first been focused on redeeming myself.

Have you ever been there?

Today, I am truly blessed to have a consistent mental cleansing regimen that consists of  affirmations, prayer and meditation.  Through this daily practice, I wash away the  negative thoughts, fears, worries, and pain that once polluted my consciousness.

A few years ago, the deep desire to change my life resulted in a quest to transform my perspective.  I began to embrace all of the self-healing materials and tools that I could find.  I also studied biblical scriptures, self-help books,  and metaphysical readings.  I meditated as often as possible, using the power of affirmations to cleanse my mind, strengthen my self-esteem, and release my prayers to the Kingdom of God within.  To really get a thorough cleansing, I had to be honest with myself: only the truth shall set you free.  Only seeing you for who you really are and coming face to face with your personal challenges will free you from them.

As I continue to cleanse my mind daily, I clear space for more productive experiences.  I find that I have greater focus.  I stand on more solid ground with the positive self talks of the Spirit within because for once in my life, I can actually hear God speaking through me. The wisdom of Spirit embraces my soul with dynamic thoughts, dreams and life experiences.  The energy of faith manifests all my desires with quicker results.  The vision of victory pulls me toward the completion of what God has called me to accomplish with a steadier, less resistant pace.  I can give to others with better grace, clarity and conviction; and they are able to receive the nurturing love of Spirit expressing through me.

If this is what you need in your life, please join me on Saturday, October 24, for the “Cleansing the Mind” workshop during the God Is a Brown Girl, Too conference, where we will open our minds to release the clutter of  past wounds and the appearance of present “mess” for the future joy of a purifying transformation.   Regardless of your springtime attempts to clear the debris, we are all in need of a “Fall” Cleaning.  Come join us and be lifted by an “internal” makeover that will bless your mind, body and spirit with radiance, rejuvenation and recreation.

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