ownership 6

I honor Infinite Source.

I honor the Kingdom of God.
I honor Divine Mind.
I honor Inexhaustible Source.
I honor the Love,
in which I live and move and have my being.
I honor the joy, the peace and the power
that expresses through me.
I honor the Spirit that moves through my life,
a Spirit that is my Mother and my Father, my ancestors,
my teacher, my counselor, and my guide.
I honor the ability to let go, and let God.
I honor knowing that all of my prayers are answered,
all of my dreams are accomplished,
all of my goals are fulfilled,
all of my needs are met.
I honor the ability to ask, and receive,
seek, and find.
to knock, knowing that the door is opened.

We see Aunt Leona whole and healed today.
We know that all of her dis-ease has been released,
and she is getting up from her mat and walking.

We know that the angels have stirred the waters of her completion,
and she is surrounded by the love, the grace, and the wholeness of Spirit.

During this week, we ride the wind of change
through the powerful journey of our own dis-ease.
We are healed and enlightened and uplifted.

We realize that we are all of the love that we need,
and we courageously share it with others,
realizing that there is nothing that we cannot do —
nothing that we cannot accomplish.













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